Stargate Art from Long Time Ago

As I mentioned in my previous post, I used to be a huge Stargate fan and I made a lot of art about this wonderful science fiction movie/series.

I made these about ten years ago. The last one about Ra is the oldest one, made by the teenager me 15 years ago.

I haven’t developed as an artist as much as I would have wanted since those times mainly because of an art block that lasted for 7 years! I’m finally over that and happy to be back to drawing again!

Stargate will always have special place in my heart.

A moment of silence for the woman who took on Horus Lupercal and almost won

So I was reading Vengeful Spirit and came across this badass general who is an extremely underrated character imo. She leads the Imperial forces at Molech against the full might of the Sons of Horus and the Death Guard led by their respective primarchs. She has very few Space Marines on her side (some 400 strong force of Ultramarines and Blood Angels) and her mortal Imperial Army forces. That against a force of nearly 270,000 Traitor Marines lead by freaking primarchs with their entire fleets, Titan Legions, Demons, Demon-posessed elite traitor marines etc.

She fucking holds the line against all this. She handles her forces in such a way that the Imperials were actually grinding down the traitor forces. Hell, her forces were close to killing Abaddon and Aximand. However, ultimately she was betrayed from within by the leader of the Knight Houses.

Sadly, this is her ultimate fate:

”When the loyalist Imperator Titan Paragon of Terra was destroyed by the treacherous House Devine, Tyana’s tank was thrown through the air and she emerged badly injured. Her last sight was that of Horus and Mortarion declaring victory before Jungle Beasts herded by the Death Guard fell upon her. Her body was taken by the Sons of Horus as a trophy and nailed to a Contemptor Dreadnought.”

Horus Heresy: Female Heroes Tribute

I thought I’d pay a bit of a tribute to some of the notable female characters who fought on the Emperor’s side during the Horus Heresy and paid the ultimate price. Since its the dead loyalist Space Marines and Primarchs who get remembered the most, I thought this would be a good change of pace. 

Admiral Kaminska: 

A Captain from the Saturnine Fleet during the Great Crusade, she was a woman of many titles and was looking forward to a comfortable retirement. However, the Ultramarine Cestus would commandeer her ship to chase after the Furious Abyss Battleship that was on its what to destroy Maccrage. While resentful of being supplanted in the command hierarchy, she carried out her duties. Because of her masterful skill in void warfare, the mission would be a success and the Ultramarines homeworld was saved from destruction.

Unfortunately, a demon brought out of he warp by Kor Phaeron would infest her ship, possessing her bridge officers and forcing her to kill her undead crew before she was torn apart, limb from limb, by the demon herself.

Tyana Kourion:

Tyana Kourion was a Lord General of the Imperial Army defending Molech against the full force of the Sons of Horus and the Death Guard as well as their accompanying Titans. She actually holds of Horus Lupercal’s armies through conventional means. Deprived of orbital support and any reinforcement she holds up two traitor legions commanded by their primarchs and even causes a reversal on the battlefield, the Sons of Horus and Death Guard starting to lose to her forces. 

However, she is betrayed from within. The Knight House of Devine stabs her in the back and her strategy is ruined. Tyana’s tank was blown up and she emerged badly injured. Her last sight was that of Horus and Mortarion declaring victory before Jungle Beasts herded by the Death Guard fell upon her. Her body was taken by the Sons of Horus as a trophy and nailed to a Contemptor Dreadnought

Ioni Dodonna:

An expert engineer and pioneer that worked in the caverns of Calth. When the Word Bearers invaded, she was hastily drafted into the ranks of the Ultramarines due to her skills. During the Underworld War, her efforts became invaluable to the Sons of Guilliman. Collapsing rock formations on the Word Bearer forces with demolition charges, creating strategic breaches and tunnels for the Ultramarines, sealing off potential attack routes. While the Ultramarines killed with bolt and blade, she buried her enemies with rock and debris. Such was her skill that she was said to have the highest kill count in the group, even surpassing that of the Ultramarines. 

Ultimately she is ordered by the Ultramarine Pellaeon to join him and a search party in investigating the deeper caverns to find a Word Bearer enclave. Despite her misgivings about the mission, she respects the chain of command like any Ultramarian. The party finds a demon and with supreme effort, it is banished. Only she and Pellaeon survive. However, her mind is shattered as she had gazed directly at the demon and she suffers a complete breakdown. The Ultramarine, wishing to spare her such an existence, mercy kills her with his last bolt round.

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I finished painting my brother’s Raven Guard army this week. Overall they took about a week and a half, the bulk of the work being done while waiting for my various Alpha Legion orders to arrive. By the time that stuff got here, these guys were being based and having transfers applied, so those steps and the varnishing were happening alongside the assembly of the Alpha Legion.

It’s basically another Betrayal at Calth with a couple of additions and conversions. The Chaplain was given a minor conversion and acts as a generic stand in for whatever Consul he feels like fielding on any given day. Being Raven Guard, he doesn’t tend to field the Terminators very often but they were given lightning claws to fit the theme anyway, and will serve as the Deliverers described in the background. Veteran Tacticals are pretty standard, a few MkVI heads scattered in there.

In terms of additions, we have the Praetor converted from Geigor Fell-hand, the jump pack from a Sanguinary Guard and some leftover Dark Fury claws. He is an absolute close combat monster. The Dark Furies were a christmas present from me, built as standard from that kit. The unit of snipers were cobbled together from MkVI bits we had lying around in our ever-present stash of spare marine kits, and sniper rifles from Anvil Industry.

We’re pretty casual with our games, and operate on a limited budget. Proxies are common. To the point where now pretty much all of these act as stand-ins for something else. My brother’s recent preference has been to run lots of Assault Marines and Destroyers with Jump Packs for an utterly brutal alpha strike (Raven Guard Jump Infantry get Furious Charge, Destroyers’ Rad Grenades reduce enemy Toughness by 1 in close combat… that hurts). Lacking the hundreds of pounds needed for 30+ Forge World Assault Marines, mass proxying is the order of the day. Doesn’t bother me any though, I get a more fun and challenging game out of it.


Ravenguard Castellax Battle Automata

This thing took me much longer than I expected, and I still have four more plus their tech support squad leader to get through.  I had tried to work on them all at once, but it was just too much and I got bored and disheartened before finishing individual painting steps.  So now I’m working on them one at a time.

Raven Guard - Project Branwen

Finished up my first two female marines for my Legiones Raven Guard - an Apothecary and a Veteran with a Heavy Bolter! The build was pretty basic - Heroic Scale heads from Statuesque Miniatures on MK4 marines with a bit of green stuff to make sure the neck join was secure.

As of yet these two are unnamed, but I usually run them in the same squad. I’m open to name suggestions if anyone has them.

Expect to see more of these in the works, I’ve got a Librarian (Nikaea be damned) and Shadow Captain Branwen herself in the works. There may also be some fluff scribbles if I ever deem it worthy for human consumption.

@sisterofsilence, you wanted to know when some of these were done. :D


30k era Raven Guard Legion Praevian, to go with the Castellax Battle Automata I painted a while back (link).

A friend converted the model for the owner as a gift, I’m glad to have the painting done on it so he can finally actually field it.  Took longer than I should have - I always do - but I think the result is alright.  I tried and failed to do a gear for the right pauldron, but it just wouldn’t come out right, so I painted over it and went with the easier-to-freehand astronomical symbol for the planet Mars.

Now I just have to paint four more of those pretty-but-pita battle robos to finish out the squad.


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