horton's bay


I played Hostest (With-The-Mostest) to my friend Charles from Seattle today. It was so fun (and cheap) walking around, and seeing some of Toronto’s sites!

I really wasn’t quite sure what to do with him, but we just started walking and ended up having a fabulous day!  I took him to the St. Lawrence Market (Front St. East - because that’s my fav area in Toronto), Massey Hall, Fran’s (icon diner), Tim Hortons (obvs), The Hudson Bay company - to get his mitts in time for the Olympics, the financial district (to show him my old hood), the hockey hall of fame, Dundas Square, City Hall, and Nathan Phillips Square!

Phew. It was a lot. We wanted to head up the CN Tower, but we figured the snow would seriously hinder the vision, so decided against it (umm next time?).  I always recommend people visit Toronto in the summer - for obvious reasons - but today was fun, and made me happy to be in Toronto (which is a good thing because it’s no secret I lust for lots of other cities over Toronto).

Anywho, Charles just left, and my little apartment suddenly feels so empty and lonely. Charles, my fabulous friend - thank you so much for visiting! I’m so pleased we got to dance the night away last night with Toronto’s finest drag Queen’s, eat street-meat together at 3am (so classy), drink wine, and catchup. Have a safe drive/flight home, until we meet again… Ps. “I was half way to work, when I realized I forgot my car” xoxo