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If It Is Meant To Be, It Will Be Ch. 2- His Truth

TITLE: If It Is Meant To Be, It Will Be
AUTHOR: misslittleroo
GENRE: Drama, Romance
FIC SUMMARY: Johannah and Tom are engaged, but while he is off filming he was unable to remain faithful. After a horrible accident and a called off engagement, Tom realizes that he has made a horrible mistake. Can Jo forgive him? Or will she find a new happiness with a fellow actor?
HOW DO I RATE MY STORY?T -Starts out T but might go up to a M in later chapters.
A/N: T for some cussing. I want to thank the-queen-in-the-n0rth for being my beta on chapter one. I trying something new and posting this chapter with out it being beta-ed (is that even word?). Chapter three is written but needs some tweaking. Thanks for all the love on chapter one!! Once again comments are always appreciated!


If It Is Meant To Be, It Will Be Ch. 2- His Truth

Darkness. It felt cold, It felt like I was walking through the never ending dark hole that had been made in my heart. Tom was cheating, caressing someone else. Looking at her the way he would look at me. I couldn’t tell what hurt more, my heart or my lower extremities. I could hear talking, like it was close one moment and far away the next. I tried to get my brain recall what had happened after I hung up with Heather. Tom’s arms, his pleading, his scent, him screaming, a horn and bright lights flashed before me. 

“She’s awake.” a voice mumbled. 

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anonymous asked:

That Dr. Suess quote wasn't meant for pro-lifers...

Dr. Seuss may not have meant it that way, but the quote (“A person’s a person no matter how small”) definitely applies and rings true in the abortion debate. 

Horton Hears a Who is about standing up for what’s right when everyone else thinks you’re crazy. It’s about standing up for those who can’t defend themselves, even when everyone else thinks those people don’t matter or can’t possibly be people because they don’t look like you or me. 

Even though Dr. Seuss seems to have been a Planned Parenthood supporter (his widow still is), the theme of Horton Hears a Who hits home for many pro-life people. 

- Katie