Create your own Tasty Herb Pot

Follow these steps to create a beautiful herb pot that makes either a great addition to any home or a lovely living gift this Christmas. The selection of herbs is up you and can be customised to what you use most.


Visit your local garden centre and collect small pots or punnets of the herbs commonly used in the kitchen, potting mix and a suitable pot to house them all. In this project I have used a terracotta strawberry pot that are available at most retailers in various sizes. I have also included some seasonal annuals in this planting for a bit of colour (plus the Viola flowers can be used to brighten up salads!) 

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Sensational Salad Bowl Project

Are you looking for the perfect gift this Christmas? Maybe you are you looking for a project to keep you busy over the holiday season? Here is a project that tastes as good as it looks. It will either make the perfect gift or perfect addition to any sized garden.

Add a bit of fun like this novelty gift-card made from a small ornament (in this case a small watering can) and you have the perfect package for someone special this festive season.

Follow these simple steps to create your own…

Step 1: Select a nice broad bowl and some salad greens. When choosing what lettuce to use I opt for non-hearting varieties (don’t grow into balls like Iceburg lettuce) that can be harvested leaf-by-leaf. Here I have chosen Cos lettuce varieties and Mizuna.


Step 2: Make sure that the pot you select has a drainage hole (essential!) and fill with potting mix. The one used in this project is a certified organic mix of which there are a few on the market.

Step 3: Fill with the potting mix to the top and then lightly firm down with your hands to give yourself a lip of at least 1cm to make watering easier.

Step 4:Remove your seedlings from their punnets and work out which are the larger growers (to put in the centre) and which are smaller.

Step 5: I have added Violas to this bowl which will colour up both the pots as well as the salads made from them (the flowers are edible). Check at your local garden centre what edible flowers are in season. Thoroughly water in your creation to settle all of your tasty little friends!

Step 6: You can also add a bit of fun! This little watering can makes a great gift card (as well as reminds the recipient - in this case Mum, to water!).

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The amazing Cordyceps fungus. David Attenborough explains this amazing fungal parasite that infects ants, controlling their numbers. Watch it, it is amazing!

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