What Astrology can and cannot do.

We can all take help from Astrology and use it as a tool to better understand ourselves and others, but there are also many things that Astrology can not help you with. Astrology should only be used as a tool and nothing more. The planets and stars does have an influence on us, Astrology can affect the natural rythms of our life and moods, and thereby help you to arrange your experiences in a better and most happiest, harmonius and efficient manner. But they do not control our life and nor shall you let it control you either. It’s still your life, your decisions, you’re the one on the driver’s seat, it’s up to you which path you want to take regardless of what Astrology says.

Astrology cannot do predictions, it cannot tell you whether you’ll get that job, or if you’ll win a huge amount of money on a lottery next week. It cannot point out in advance the date of your marriage, your death or when you’ll meet your next potential partner. Your individual chart, however, may indicate what and how you’re experiencing a positive time to increase your resources and vice versa. But your natal chart will not determine the exact circumstances and outcomes. Because, the choices are still yours, you’re on the driver’s seat still. You will always have a free will.

If you feel that you’re life may be falling apart or if you’re deeply depressed, do not turn to an Astrologer. An Astrologer is not licensed to give you medical advice nor provide you any medical care. If things are that bad, go seek proffesional help from a doctor or a therapist. If you feel like you or someone else are in danger, seek help from the police, because Astrology can not protect you from harmful people.

Astrology can not plan your life, you will not always do the things Astrology tells you, especailly the Horoscopes you read in the newspapers and in magazines. It will not make decisions like what you shall cook for dinner or if you shall go to that party you were invited to. Astrology doesn’t make goals for you, only you can make the goals for you, and what you feel is best for you. But Astrology will always be there as a guidance and a tool, it can tell you how you may get there, but not how you will get it once you’re there. Make realistic goals!

Some people can sometimes get way over their heads on Astrology and often find it as the only “solution”, thinking that their natal chart is all there is to it. People often question themselves like for example, “I am a Scorpio, but I don’t think I’m compatible with this Aquarian guy at work”. Astrology has a compatibility “rule” of which Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Venus Signs etc. go well with each other, but let me tell you that those compatibilities are only superficial and general, there’s no depth to them. There is more to compatibility than just comparing two certain Signs. You have to pay attention to your whole chart, especially if you’re comparing your chart with a potential lover’s chart. Pay attention to the aspects like conjuctions, sextiles, squares, opposition etc. and the Houses, Descendant etc. Not just your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Ascendant. Just because you have compatible Venuses and Mars, or Sun and Moon compatible doesn’t mean that the aspects will tell the same. It’s actually often the aspects that will tell you where you’ll both have your difficulties and how you’ll experience those difficulties in your relationship. So pay deeply attention to the whole chart, because if you only look at your planet signs you will only get a superficial insight/description.

And even if Astrology says that problems may occur in your relationship, if you really love the person and are willing to fight to keep it alive, then good, go for it! Do not let Astrology tell you with who you shall hook up with or if you shall break up with them. Astrology is one thing, and relationships another. Your life, your decisions. As much as I love Astrology, I also have to keep it realistic. Because I am the driver, and so are you.

- Melody. X