horsesaround asked:

Hey girl, thanks for sourcing (don't know if that word even exists, English is not my native language 😂) my post. Thanks a lot 💚

You shouldn’t have to thank me. You deserve the credit for your own work! It is your work and people must respect that. Please don’t stop making gif sets because they are awesome! :D But I’m really glad that I was able to source it back to you! Thank you for putting a watermark on it!

(This person had their work taken from kataang1412 but was not credited it for it) 

horsesaround asked:

Thank you for rebloging that gif! I was kinda surprised and don't listen to that person, you're reaaaaaally good💚

what?! your gifs are really good!! and i’m soooo happy you like my gifs cause yours are so cool like everytime i see your gifs i’m like “omg how does he does that!!” tbqh you made me feel good. this message made my day! xx