I give you one summer afternoon, out of many like it. It is a cloudless summer day, where the sun hangs bright in a sky so brilliant and clear it hardly seems real. Horses graze in the pasture, tails swish swishing away the flies while dogs sleep beneath a flatbed trailer piled high with hay. You lay on a horse blanket on all that hay, the scent of it mixing thick in syrupy sunlight. Just this once, allergies have taken a vacation, and you can smell honeysuckle on the soft breeze. Your book is good, and your ice water is cool and clear.


Beautiful view of the mountains in the inner part of the nation of Haiti. Note how, unfortunately, many of the slopes have been stripped completely of trees.

Top Shot: War Horses

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Your Shot photographer Cheryl Tyson had the perfect shot of horses grazing in a field on her mind, instead she got a completely different image.“I had just arrived and found a small herd of these beautiful Colorado wild horses in their high desert environment, and set up my tripod to shoot what I thought would be peaceful grazing horses,” said Tyson. “Then, as if on cue, this pair started pawing the ground, and reared up and attacked each other. They snorted and stomped and lunged and bit: hair and hoofs and dirt flying everywhere. And, as soon as it started, it was over. Were they fighting or just horsing around? The Wild West lives on.” Photograph by Cheryl Tyson