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Always Read the Margins

Chapter 8 here, all parts here

Genre: Chaptered. University AU, fluff, eventual relationship that can be taken as either platonic or romantic

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

Warnings: More platonic cuddles. Badly-timed Christmas. Mentions of Star Wars but no spoilers ^_^

Word Count: Around 3-4000 per chapter

A/N: I have an update :) And my goodness, thank you so much to everyone who’s messaged me and left comments, I’m so thrilled!!

Chapter 9

When Dan woke the next morning, it was to an arm slung over his waist and an incredible warmth wrapped around his body. Breath tickled his chest, unfamiliar clothes rustled against his skin, and a green and blue quilt was pulled up loosely around him.

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