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George Harrison, from the Thirty-Three & 1/3 album liner notes

Photo: Bob Cato

The following is an article from the Observer-Reporter, Washington, PA, on 8 December 1976:

Life Still Changing For George Harrison At Age 33 1/3

By Mary Campbell

AP Newsfeatures

Former Beatle George Harrison says he was in a better mood last summer when he made his new album, ‘Thirtythree & 1/3′ than he was when he made his last album, ‘Extra Texture.’


‘Why not?’ 

It’s one of those quick answers the Beatles used to give in the early days of their giant fame and packed press conferences. But Harrison now has been a solo performer for seven years and he quickly adds, as befits his present maturity, ‘Because I just concentrated on doing the album. I avoided everything else. Previously I was trying to do half a dozen things at the same time.’

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run away home - written by hattalove
By Organization for Transformative Works


Louis stands, in the middle of a clearing with his hands in his pockets, and stares. This boy—God, this gorgeous, gorgeous boy. He seems so clumsy, confused at the best of times, but there’s a wisdom about him as he speaks, a maturity that belies his age.

Louis is hopelessly, wildly attracted to him.

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.

it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.

Author - hattalove             Tumblr - @hattalove

Chaptered - 2/2 - 106,008 words

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh this fic is fantastic!!! I was immediately caught up in the story, and couldn’t get enough. 

The characters in this fic are so wonderful. They come across as genuine people (and horses) with depth and texture, and by the end of the story I considered them all new friends - especially Marshmallow. Louis and Harry were absolute perfection, and Liam and Niall complemented and completed the fic by being the best side characters possible.

There’s something pure and great about reading a fic that sweeps you away and leaves you with a huge smile on your face. I laughed so many times - particularly when the horses showed their very human-like personalities - but I also hurt for Louis when his injury slowed him down. This fic is incredibly well rounded, and an absolute joy!


Universal Music Group and the Harrison family are proud to announce that George Harrison’s first six solo albums, released between 1968 and 1975 on The Beatles’ Apple Records label, have been digitally remastered from the original analogue masters for CD and digital release on 22 September by UMG. Wonderwall MusicElectronic SoundAll Things Must PassLiving In The Material WorldDark Horse,and Extra Texture (Read All About It) are available now for preorder, both individually in digipaks and together within the deluxe, eight-disc boxed edition, The Apple Years 1968-75.

Designed to complement Harrison’s 2004 collection, The Dark Horse Years 1976-92, the new box features an exclusive DVD with several video pieces, including a new seven-minute film with previously unreleased footage. The Apple Years box also includes an exclusive perfect-bound book with an introduction by Dhani Harrison, new essays by award-winning radio producer and author Kevin Howlett, and rare and previously unpublished images.

You can preorder it here.