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100 OC Questions

1. How do they present themselves to others?
2. Do they like animals?
3. How do they dress?
4. How many languages do they know?
5. How big is their family?
6. What is their purpose in the story?
7. Do they know how to fight?
8. What is their back story?
9. Why is their name, their name?
10. Do they have any nick names?
11. Do they have a romantic interest?
12. How do they cope with struggles?
13. Do they have anyone they can lean on?
14. How do they react to someone dying?
15. Can you name 5 personality traits they have?
16. How did they become a character?
17. Do they get along with others?
18. What flaws do they have?
19. How do they influence the story?
20. What do they look like?
21. What are their hobbies?
22. What are their ticks?
23. Do they like children?
24. How do they react to being around wild animals?
25. If they were given the task to prank someone, who would it be, what would they do, and would the prank work?
26. Do they have any survival skills?
27. Are they more book smart or street smart?
28. How do they get out of a difficult situation?
29. Do they use their body, mind, personality or force to get what they want?
30. What music do they enjoy?
31. How do they overcome obstacles?
32. When faced with a difficult decision do they get stronger or break?
33. Do they have any special powers?
34. How do they change throughout the story?
35. Do they have any friends? If so, are they close knit?
36. How is their family life?
37. Are they likable?
38. Are they the hero, or anti-hero?
39. Do they make questionable choices?
40. How do they become who they are?
41. How was their childhood?
42. Are they close with anyone who is going to screw them over?
43.How do they adapt to different situations? Do they adapt at all?
44. How do they speak? Examples - Are they soft spoken, hot heated, vulgar
45. Are they opposed to violence?
46. When is their birthday?
47. Are they quick to judge?
48. Do they have anything they are trying to hide from others?
49. Do they act different around different people?
50.Do they enjoy the arts?
51. Do they like science?
52. Are they more emotional or logical?
53. How do they deal with their emotions?
54. How do they cope with sadness?
55. What is something they care about?
56. Would they die for anyone/anything?
57. What do they do when they are happy?
58. How would they come across to other characters? Examples- messy, lazy, childish, caring ect
59. Do they have a phrase they use over and over?
60. In a crowed room are they in the corners, sides, or in the middle?
61. Are they comfortable being in a crowed room?
62. How do they relax?
63. Have they ever harmed anyone and regretted it? Verbally or physically?
64. Do they like to dance?
65. How do they get around their environment? Examples - horses, bike, vehicle
66. What is their pet peeve(s)?
67. Do they have a disability?
68. How do they react to getting flowers?
69. Would they ever wear a flower crown?
70. Do they like themselves?
71. Who do they dislike?
72. What is their motto?
73. Do they have any markings on their body?
74. Have they ever been abused?
75. What is their biggest fear?
76. What are their goals?
77. How do they go about achieving their goals?
78. Do they have a fight or flight response?
79. Is there someone in their life that they care about more than themselves?
80. How would they fair in zombie apocalypse?
81. Do they have any tattoos? If so, are they significant?
82. Are they good at mental math?
83. Do they get along with others?
84 Are they lazy?
85. Are they self motivated?
86. How do they cope with anger?
87. Have they ever been in a situation where they were helpless?
88. Are they organized or messy?
89. Can they remember a lot of information at once?
90. What is their occupation?
91. Do other characters respect your OC, if so, is it out of fear? Or do they respect your OC because they like them?
92. If they were given minutes to live, what would they do? Who would they want to see and say?
93. How do they deal with stress?
94. Do they have a more submissive or dominate personality type?
95. Do they have a pet?
96. Do they have a stash of weapons?
97. Where do they live? Who do they live with?
98. How do they calm themselves down?
99. Are they co-dependent?
100. Are they a day, or night person?


This thing have been running around in my head! An AU where the cowboys were a private soldier who worked with/under Sam. Instead of using horse, they used bikes (cars for Sam and Goody).

Here’s the list of their vehichle :

Sam Chisolm - Chevrolet Covette
Joshua Faraday - Ducati Streetfighter
Vasquez - Ducati 999
Goodnight Robicheaux - Chevrolet Camaro 69
Billy Rocks - EBR 2012
Jack Horne - Harley Davidson
Red Harvest - Ducati Superbike 848 

[Pictures found on goggle :”3]

Just cute little DuRaRaRa thoughts.

Shooter being afraid of Shinra at first, but slowly becoming more comfortable around Shinra. Shooter approving of Shinra for Celty. Shinra thanking Shooter for a ride now and again. Shinra “borrowing” Shooter to go save Celty. Celty riding Shooter to go save Shinra, and Shooter rocketing forward faster than usual.

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"Khan, my brother, I have a question, you rode horses before your precious bikes and jetbikes correct?"

“Of course! All of my fundamental war techniques are based upon Chogoran cavalry maneuvers.”

Mackinac Island, Michigan where summers are eternal and winters are endless. Nestled within the waters of Lake Huron, Myka Bering has built a life, unconventional though it might be. Few would truly call a life lived among only a handful of people, on an Island that doesn’t allow cars or much else in the way of modernity, conventional. Yet, despite the unique set of complications such a life brings, Myka is content; content with the company she owns, the horses she oversees, the friends she loves. Who needed conventionality anyway, as long as you were happy? Little did Myka know that all it would take for her contented life to be turned upside down though was for H.G. Wells to finally take her best friend up his offer to come spend a summer on the Island, living, working, and everything else in between.

>>> Of Bikes, Horses, and Fudge by Granger4013

Laucala Island - Fiji

3200 acres of unspoiled nature make up the private Laucala Island Resort. The island has 25 villas, some overwater, and some on the hilltop, carved into the volcanic cliffs. Tennis, yoga and fishing are available on the island, in addition to a stable full of trained horses & quad-bikes that you can use to explore the island. There is also a private 18 hole golf course.

The island’s restaurants use produce grown on the island itself.

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Root teaching Shaw how to ride a bike/horse

“You don’t have to pull like that. Their mouths are tender.”

“He’s not going where I want.”

“You have to talk to him in a way he’ll understand.” Root pivots her horse ninety degrees, gently, her body an extension of his as they move as a unit. The horse is a glossy chestnut; their hair kinda matches in this light. “Look in the direction you want to go, and press on his side with the opposite leg. And keep your heels down.”

The horse lurches a little, lazily, in the right direction.

“There you go,” cheers Root. “You’ve got this.”

OC Questions

1. How do they like get around? Ex- horse, bike, vehicle, airplane, by foot ect
2. What is their favourite restaurant?
3. What is something they think is really cool?
4. Where do they feel home is?
5. Do they do good with confrontation?
6. How do they handle stress?
7. What is something they won’t tolerate in others?
8. Are they a hypocrite?
9. Do they enjoy sunsets or sunrises more?
10. What is something that they always wanted to do?

Ukrainian Vocabulary - The Olympics

The Olympic Games -  Олімпійські ігри

Summer Olympic Games - Літні олімпійські ігри
Winter Olympic Games - Зимові олімпійські ігри
Paralympic Games - Паралімпійські ігри
Gold Medal - золота медаль
Silver Medal - срібна медаль
Bronze Medal - бронзова медаль
Athletes - Атлети   
Team - команда

Brazil - Бразилія
Rio de Janeiro -  Ріо-де-Жанейро
Stadium - стадіон
Pool - басейн
Field - поле

To run - бігти
To jump - стрибати
To swim - плавати
To throw/hurl - метати
To ride (a horse, a bike) - їздити
To win - вигравати

Sports - Спорт
Gymnastics - Гімнастика
Rhythmic Gymnastics - Художня гімнастик
Javelin Throw -  Метання списа
Discus Throw -  Метання диска
Hammer Throw -  Метання молота
Shot Put - Штовхання ядра
Wrestling -  Боротьба
Fencing -  Фехтування
Long Jump - Стрибки в довжину
High Jump - Стрибки у висоту
Pole Vaulting - Стрибки з жердиною
Heptathalon - Семиборство
Decathlon - Десятиборство
Relay - Естафета
Marathon - Марафонський біг/Марафон
Diving -  Стрибки у воду
Swimming - Плавання
Synchronized Swimming - Синхронне плавання
Archery - Стрільба з лука
Equestrian - Кінний спорт
Weightlifting - Важка атлетика
Soccer/Football -  Футбол
Volleyball - Волейбол
Beach Volleyball - Пляжний волейбол
100m Dash - Біг на 100 метрів