horses of olympus

Me: *Gets up from seat and takes deep breath*


Wanna Apple?
  • Percy: Hey Magnus. Look it's important to Annabeth that we get to know each other. So tell me something about yourself.
  • Magnus: Yeah ok. Well there is no one more beloved by horses than I am.
  • Percy: ...I see...
  • *3 hours later*
  • Annabeth: Seaweed Brain, do you want to explain why the armies of Asgard are marching on our Camp?
  • Percy: No not really.
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Okay, so I have to admit to it now, I have a Kakavege Hercules AU. It’s not that surprising if you know that Hercules is my favorite Disney movie ever. 

Goku is Herc, the freakishly strong dork with an adorable smile. Vegeta is Meg, the sassy love interest who always has a snide remark. So basically themselves, just in Greek attire… Everything is pretty much the same. The scenery, the story, most of the script, all I did was put DragonBall characters in the roles. 

And this scene right here, cracks me up every time I think about it. Vegeta sticking his leg out in Goku’s face? Just, BAM, right up under his nose! 

I really want to draw it someday. Ya know, when I find the courage to show it off. :P If someone wants to beat me to it, by all means, please do!

google translate lines of the heroes
  • Jason : Lovis filium non sum! Parvulus sum roma, consul ad semideos, praetorem legionis. (I am the son of Jupiter! I'm a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion.)
  • Piper : Être un héros ne signifie pas que vous êtes invincible; cela signifie que vous êtes assez courageux pour se lever et faire ce qui est nécessaire. (Being a hero doesn't mean you're invincible; it means you're brave enough to stand up and do what's needed.)
  • Leo : Trato de no pensar. Interfiere con ser nueces. (I try not to think. It interferes with being nuts.)
  • Annabeth : Επειδή είσαι φίλος μου, Seaweed Brain. Οποιεσδήποτε πιο ηλίθιες ερωτήσεις; (Because you're my friend, Seaweed Brain. Any more stupid questions?)
  • Nico : Ho avuto una cotta per Percy. È la verità. Questo è il grande segreto. (I had a crush on Percy. That's the truth. That's the big secret.)
  • Percy : Neiiigh! Neigh, um, nEIIIIGH! (Greeks! Let's, um, fight stuff!)
Why I'm Not Deep Into Kingdom Hearts
  • KH3: *new things are popping up*
  • Me: ... I barely finished any of my games, so please tell me what worlds you have.
  • KH3: Well, we can tell you we're not doing Halloween Town again.
  • Me: WHAT?! But that's my favorite world!
  • KH3: Sorry, but we have to make room for new worlds and we don't want to beat a dead horse-
  • Me: *shows Mount Olympus* Explain.
  • KH3: *sweats*
  • Me: Thought so. Now I'll only forgive you if you do me one favor.
  • KH3: What's that?