horses inside out

In order to see the difference in what’s going on inside & the difference in biomechanics when the horse is put into different neck positions, I painted the skeleton onto a live horse.
I used non-toxic poster paints and followed diagrams of the skeleton as a reference as well as using my hands to feel where the bones are on this horse. I decided to leave the ribs out as the didn’t serve any purpose to what I wanted to see. I focused on the neck, back and legs of the horse which are the areas I wanted to see the change in. I also painted on some of the topline muscles in pink.
I think overall this went well, it looks good and does help see the difference in movement. For it to be even better I could have made it even more anatomically correct such as by starting the spine a bit lower down and the lumbar processes a bit further back.
I will turn my videos of movement into gifs to show comparison of different training methods.


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So cool! Horses inside out – not gross, I promise.

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