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So I’ve sort of talked about how it took Vincent a while to admit that he was attracted to Josephine, but I’ve never really figured out what she thought of him.

Imagine, if you will, a six foot plus tall dude with broad shoulders who looks like he could pick up a horse over his head with no problem. He’s coming back to Skyhold after a successful campaign away and he’s in a loose fitting shirt with the top few buttons undone (or cut off since Rolfe knows his brother is a “buttoned up prude” and wouldn’t wear it undone otherwise) with the barest hint of chest hair visible and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows to bare these massively powerful forearms. His dark hair is down or falling out of a messy bun and the eyeliner he wears to cut the glare out in the field that would otherwise obstruct his spell accuracy is smudged, showing off the most impossible blue eyes you’ve ever seen. He also has his default Grumpy Scowl going on because he’s tired and hungry and Maker, he needs a bath and…

Then he looks up from the courtyard below and spies Josephine on the ramparts. She almost drops her clipboard when he smiles at her and his whole face lights up and oh no, the dude has these cute dimples.

Eurovision 2017 Finals Highlights

Aonother year, another list! 

Belarus made out 

Austria’s man on the moon / Dreamworks guy

Moldova’s three couples got married

Italy jazzing with gorilla

Romania’s YOODELIHOO *boom* 

Azerbaijan and their horse 

Ukraine’s giant head thing

The best thing about having Eurovision in Ukraine
 - we got Verka Serduchka

And then there was the guy in the Australian flag who mooned 200 million viewers on stage with Jamala

Countries qualified for the ESC 2017 final

Armenia: 6 armed woman

Australia: kid looking much older, 80% eyebrow

Austria: dreamworks kid, feel old yet?

Azerbaijan: woman singing to a man on a ladder with a horse head

Belarus: cute adventurous people on a boat, making everyone dance

Belgium: awesome studio performance, looking a lil uncomfortable live

Bulgaria: this kiddo is going places

Croatia: personality disorder

Cyprus: probably getting bullied by his background dancers

Denmark: woman in red dress, lots of fireworks

France: gotta make sure everyone knows we’re from france

Germany: titanium

Greece: yaoi shipping

Hungary: man bun but a cool jacket

Israel: wink one more time please

Italy: man who can light up an entire continent with his smile, dancing gorilla

Moldova: a legend has returned

Netherlands: the girl squad

Norway: i think my television broke

Poland: what’s up with all the wedding dresses?

Portugal: precious beautiful baby. Protect at all costs

Romania: pop/rap/yodeling, graphic background design is my passion

Spain: surfer dudes invading eurovision

Sweden: looking hella fine and knows it

UK: lowkey rickrolling all of europe

Ukraine: giant head… ya why not?

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the new taz episode was delayed until tomorrow, 4/13. griffin apparently made a new game system just for this upcoming chapter. what im trying to say is that griffin “30-under-30 luminary” mcelroy might have invented tabletop sburb in his sickly and thus uninhibited mental state and we should all be very afraid.

im posting this Now instead of queueing it cuz its homestuck eve