horses galloping in the sand

theoi as Aesthetics™ cause i feel like it ig


sunlight beaming through dark clouds, cold winds that burn your cheeks, lightning that illuminates the sky for just a fraction of a second, strong wings and sharp talons


golden rings slightly dulled after years of wear, lotus flowers floating upon pools of water, wedding gifts wrapped in gold paper, peacock feathers that glimmer in the sun


jagged rocks decorated by barnacles and seaweed, clouds of sand kicked up by a horse galloping across a seashore, rusted old treasures lost to the deep ocean, waves that lap gently over the sand or crash fiercely against the rocks


large dogs bearing sharp teeth, old coins blackened and rusted by time, animal bones half-buried under dark soil, silver rings on pallid fingers


long grass brushing against your legs, freshly baked bread in a wicker picnic basket, golden honeycomb, fields of grain ready for harvest


lipstick stains in shades of red and pink, doves perched upon blossoming branches, love letters written in smudged red ink, the opalescent underside of a scallop shell


crowns of bay leaves resting on curly hair, golden instruments polished until gleaming, poems scrawled on walls in marker pen, bandages carefully wrapped over wounds


feather-tipped arrows, flowers and leaves braided into a wreath, deer drinking from a brook in the forest, moonlight shining through the evergreen branches of tall trees


bandages over bruised and scratched knuckles, flaming molotovs soaring through the air, crossed swords mounted on old walls, fading scars that stretch across shoulder blades


books with creased spines and dog-eared pages, owls with thick feathers and wide eyes, ornate swords and shields from ancient eras long forgotten, sharp eyes full of wisdom and knowledge


limbs tangled in red velvet sheets, wild and uncontrolled laughter, garlands of ivy and purple flowers, red wine spilling over the glass, kissing the lips of marble statues


gears that fit together like puzzle pieces, the soft crackling of a fire, palms stained with oil and soot, the methodic clanking of iron hitting iron, gifts of handmade jewellery


shoes worn through from walking, antique maps and globes and golden compasses, a messenger bag filled with letters and parcels, sly smiles and deft hands


warm clean sheets, a small vase of flowers on the windowsill, warming your hands near the fireplace, cups of tea and home-baked fairycakes

I've got somewhere I belong (I've got somebody to love)

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Wondertrev - Diana x Steve


Words: 1041

Series Summary: Steve Trevor landed on Themyscira when he was just seven years old. The Amazonians and five year old Diana took him under their wing; trained him and loved him. But a few years later, he is swept away leaving Diana and the Amazonians distraught and unaware of what happened to him. What happens when he shows up more than a decade later begging Diana for help?

Chapter: 1/10

Author’s notes: I have fifty million stories to update but I just had an epiphany and had to write this before it got out of my head…so the chapters are going to alternate from childhood to present time….so I hope you enjoy!!!!

Steve Trevor landed on Themyscira when he was just seven years old.

He woke up on a sandy beach, the sun burning his eyes, a young girl with raven black hair leaning over him with wide eyes.

You’re a boy.”

Steve’s face scrunched up in confusion, “Yeah, do I not look like one?”

Diana beamed and from that moment they were inseparable.

His time on the island didn’t begin easily. Steve held tight onto Diana’s hand as her mother, Queen Hippolyta, glared down at him with narrowed and suspicious eyes. He gulped as her gaze dropped to his hand tight in Diana’s and he frantically tried to pull away, but Diana just tightened her grip, throwing him a gentle smile before turning back to her mother and demanding that Steve is allowed to stay.

And stay he did.

At first, Hippolyta hadn’t been too keen on allowing Steve to remain on Themyscira. But she soon found out that it was a lost cause trying to fight the other Amazonians. In the short time that Steve had been on the island, he had managed to worm his way into everybody’s hearts.

His smile lightened up a room. His laugh was contagious. And anybody who talked to him couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm.

He would follow the warriors around like a lost puppy wanting to learn how to fight. They would show him a few moves and his face would light up as he copied them back perfectly. He would ride the horses, sitting in front of Antiope, pretending that he was galloping across the sand in battle. She would give him pointers and soon he was riding around alone, a smile wide on his face as he jumped over fallen trees. He would sit with Hippolyta during meetings learning how to be diplomatic. She would give him pointers on how to deal with confrontation and he would solemnly nod, making a point to remember every detail she told him. But the best part was being with Diana.


She was his first and only friend. And they were the best of friends. They were both hard-headed and stubborn. But they managed to bring out the best in each other. Though most of the time they caused more trouble than good. They were troublemakers. They were pranksters. They slipped away from their tutors. They secretly trained together. They lay in the sand, dreaming of their futures. They would sneak into each other’s beds late at night, sharing their deep dark secrets. They were rarely seen more than a foot away from each other.

Steve wasn’t used to having a best friend. As a child, he and his parents had moved around every few months. He was never in a place long enough to keep a friend. So instead he would follow around the adults, learning and imitating, hoping that one day he would be like one of them.

But his whole world had been turned upside down when his parents had died and he had been shipped off to live with his aunt. He had been on a boat going to Britain when a storm hit. Lightning struck the boat causing him to fall in the water. And the next thing he knew he woke up on Themyscira.

Steve loved living there. He loved his new family. He felt included. He felt loved. They cared about him. They educated him. They trained him. They loved him. He never wanted to leave. But it wasn’t up to him.

Five years later, on the same day he landed on the beach, he was swept away. He was out in the water, trying to find one last pearl to finish the bracelet he was making for Diana, when a wave pulled him under. And when he woke up, he was laying on a beach a woman leaning over him. But it wasn’t Themyscira. And it wasn’t Diana.

His ears felt muffled and he could see the woman talking to him, but he wasn’t able to comprehend what she was saying. His head swam as he caught the word London and he shook his head ripping himself out of the woman’s grip. He ran back to the ocean, the water splashing around him, believing that if he could just go back under the water he would wake up back on Themyscira. But the woman ran after him, pulling him back and the last thing Steve remembered was calling out for Diana before everything went black.  

The years passed and Themyscira wasn’t the same. Losing Steve had hit the Amazonians hard. No one knew what had happened to him. It seemed he had just vanished. All that had been found was the bracelet Steve had been making for Diana, lying in the sand inches away from the rippling ocean. Many believed the worst, but Diana held out hope that one day she would see him again. And no one had the heart to tell her otherwise. She missed him dearly. As she grew, she threw herself into training to distract herself. But it was difficult to forget him. There were memories of him everywhere. His clothes. His weapons. His toys. His stories. His drawings. And the bracelet he had made her that she wore every day.

All the Amazonian’s were heartbroken. They believed they would never see him again, but they didn’t know how wrong they were.

Life continued. And then one day a plane fell out of the sky and without a second thought Diana found herself jumping into the water, grabbing onto the sinking body and dragging them up onto the sand. She glanced down, her eyes widening in shock.

The man beneath her coughed, his eyes opening but then immediately shutting as the bright sun scorched his eyes. When they opened again, he froze as his eyes caught sight of the woman with raven dark hair above him. She was older. Her eyes hardened. But it was still her. He knew it was.

You’re a man.” She said in awe.

He smirked, “Yeah, do I not look like one?”

Diana froze and then reached out slowly her hand brushing the hair back from his face before pulling away as if shocked, “Steve?”

Part 2

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i really loved that male farmer x sebastian one! maybe you could do one where sebastian finds out he's gay for the farmer?

Sebastian never thought he was gay. He was never really attracted to any of his peers who were guys. He and Abigail had dated on and off. He did not think he was gay. But then the farmer moved in. The farmer who looked exhausted every single day in the beginning, because they were still recovering from the city. The farmer who was extremely strong and ran around carrying wood in their arms. When Sebastian is awake at night, he thinks about the farmer, but then stops himself almost immediately.

“Hey, Sebastian! The farmer gave me a great idea for a new song!” Sam seems excited, but Sebastian growls. “Don’t talk about the farmer.” Abigail looks at him in surprise.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just… really don’t like the farmer.”

“Sounds like somebody has a crush.” Sam smirks. Sebastian stares, then shakes his head. 

“No. I hate him.”

Abigail  wraps her arms around him. “Being gay or bi is completely okay, you know.”

“I’m not gay and I don’t like the farmer!” Sebastian pulls away from her grip, stomping off. Sam looks at Abi. “He likes the farmer.”

“I know.”

When Sebastian walks into his home, he slams the door, then freezes when he sees the farmer standing right in front of him. He frowns and pushes the farmer away, but the farmer grabs his wrist.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” He pulls away, going down to his room. You frown, but leave.

It is raining the next day, and you find Sebastian down on the docks. He’s shivering, and you come up behind him, pulling a blanket out and wrapping it around him. He turns and looks at you.

“What are you doing here?”

“Thought you might be cold.”

“Oh.” He looks down. “Are you this nice to everybody?”


“No reason.”

“Sebastian, you’re obviously upset. Let me help.”

“You can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re the problem!”

You freeze, then look down. “I see.” You turn, walking back to the sand and getting on your horse, galloping away.

When Sam gets a knock on his door, he does not expect Sebastian to be there, soaking wet and cradling a blanket close to his body.

“I effed up.”

Sam steps aside and closes the door.


“Told the farmer he was a problem,” Sebastian mumbles.


“Because I love him, Sam!”

“Really, you should just go talk to him. He’s really sweet.”

“I just yelled at him.”

“So go say that you’re sorry.”

Sebastian sighs and nods. 

A few minutes later, he’s knocking on the door of the farmer’s house. When there is no answer, he peeks inside. The farmer is sitting extremely close to the fireplace, shivering and waiting for their clothes to dry. He can see that there’s no blanket on the bed anymore, and looks down at the blanket in his hand, feeling even more guilty. He walks in and shuts the door, then walks over and drapes the blanket around the farmer’s shoulders. 

“I’m sorry for snapping at you,” Sebastian murmurs. The farmer nods.

“It’s okay. I know you like to be alone. I shouldn’t have disturbed you.”

Sebastian sits by the farmer.

“It’s not that you were disturbing me. I was trying to figure something out, and you being there wasn’t really helping.”

“What were you trying to figure out?” The farmer turns his head towards Sebastian. Sebastian hesitates, then lightly kisses the farmer on the lips, blushing. Sebastian finds himself flat on his back on the floor, the farmer hugging him tightly. He smiles a bit on seeing the farmer’s grin, knowing he made the right choice.