horses friendship

I actually find my little pony ridiculously hard to draw. Discord is actually much easier, but I’m not too good with horses XD even cartoony ones pffft oh well

Done on a3 paper, with crayola pencils and a permanent marker, softened in photoshop cause scanner hates me and to make the black look more solid than what the scanner makes it look like


for the final day of februpony i wanted to do something a little different 

AU where the mane 6 are a bunch of MLP G1 fans who all meet online and create pony-sonas to RP with

i wanted to draw their “IRL” counterparts but with my wrist not fully healed it’ll have to wait, until then i rly wanted to post this haha

thank you to @horse-stamp-hooligans (rainbowdash) and @generalbubbyphotography (applejack) for letting me use your photos for some of these!
(pls check out their blogs they are both amazing!) 

and for bonus fun @equestriarp is a real place c;
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