horses driving

To rude US-centric disbeliever 1: my great great uncle was arrested for breaking into the same man’s barn three times, stealing all his hay and coal, and drunkenly sleeping there. He was also arrested for ‘cruelly beating a cow with a stick’, being drunk and in charge of a horse and cart, and driving a horse and cart without lanterns affixed. Yes, he was essentially pulled over for drunk driving and having broken headlights. Some things never change.

To rude US-centric disbeliever 2: I was once the champion Welsh learner poetry reciter for my age group in Cardiff and part of the third ranked Welsh learner group of poetry reciters in all of Wales, but I don’t like to brag about my rockstar past.

Bold all that apply:

My muse knows how to…

bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive stick | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a back flip | play chess | give CPR | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | do magic tricks | do yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read Morse code | pick a lock

Never could I stand the awful in-game horses that Inquisition offered. Nothing was right about them and they were ugly and slow. 

So I fixed it. Have a periodically correct horse, with a built that would actually last in battle (and probably will go faster than a sloth).