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ok i know you haven't been doing as many prompts lately, but i'm on a major sleeping beauty kick and i want to know how you think the staff + adam and belle would interact w the sleeping beauty crew

i actually love prompts [KEEP SENDING ‘EM!], i’ve just felt bad about responding to the really good ones when i have serialized fics i still need to finish!!! so pls keep sending, i promise i will cover ALL of them eventually

here’s a quickie for the sb crew:

  • so i love aurora and im gonna ignore that She Doesn’t Actually Get To Do Much and wildly extrapolate about her character so


  • they’re both fucking gorgeous and they have romancey-dancey boyfriends and yes they just love each other immediately. IMMEDIATELY.
  • mrs potts goes into the fairy cottage and is like ‘….holy fuck. this place has not been cleaned in 35 years’ and merriweather is just like :))))
  • belle can’t really hang with aurora because plumette and her immediately Peaced The Fuck Out to go have a picnic in the woods together, so she just sort of wanders out to one of the random Romantic Cliffsides dotting this countryside and meets a nice lady there who drops some witty repartee and yes belle goes back to malificent’s castle to listen to some vinyls and smoke dope weed together
  • adam just immediately gets along with Fauna for No Discernible Reason.she sits there and listens to his shit and he helps her, idk, knit cobwebs together into magical spells that lift concern and ease winter’s discontent
  • maurice gets a v. small crush on flora
  • lumiere and cogsworth just get fucking wrecked with the 2 kings, of course. it’s a party and , eventually too drunk to think straight, they invite malificent and her new apprentice belle over. all the sleeping beauty problems are solved and everyone just has a good time and blisses out
  • philip and his horse are confused

(to be continued)

And here’s one more au (am I even going to stop making them). Ok, so this au is about the Victorian era (bc I hate 20th century, there’s too many wars and deaths in it)and contains some moments from the film “Maurice” (1987) (go watch it, it’s so amazing and gay, I love it). Draco is an aristocrat, his father has hired a new stableman, Harry, and here they are, in love and very confused.


[Talking about Warrior:] “I don’t think I’ve cried like that since I thought I was lost in the woods when I was 8 years old.”

Tom Hiddleston, weeping during films since 1981