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Just… wow. Holy crap.

You guys are unbelievable.

I started this blog nearly two months ago, and I’m already over 1,000 followers. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Actually, I think I can.

See, for the last two posts showing my gratitude to the number of you, I basically highlighted the number and said my thanks. But now that I’ve reached the big four-digit count? I don’t think mere words can express my gratitude to you people.

You are all so amazing, so you deserve something amazing.

So… I’ve got a reward for you all.

For the first time, on Sunlight, I will show you Sunset Shimmer and Twilight ‘Sci-Twi’ Sparkle…



100% uncensored…


You heard me. A full NSFW image for you guys as a show of thanks. Because I know for all you romantics out there, there are PLENTY of pervs who’ll enjoy this sort of thing.

For those of you who don’t take to that sort of thing, then let me at least offer my sincere thanks to you for being such amazing people, and take note that this is the one and ONLY warning you’ll get before we reach NSFW territory.

It’s okay, I’ll wait.

… Are they gone?

Excellent. Then for your viewing eyes only…

Your absolute nude-shot of your favourite lesbian couple!

In 3…



but seriously.

Taurus ♡ Scorpio

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King & Queen of the Underworld ♛

Persephone ♉ Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld

Hades ♏ Lord of the Dead, King of the Underworld 

opposite signs illustrate a love-hate relationship bound together by fate. taurus x scorpio is a hauntingly intense and poisonously potent connection. the archetypes of taurus (love) and scorpio (obsession) can be seen through the myth of hades & persephone. 

♇ Hades, lord of the dead, was a gloomy god of few words. Mortals feared him so much that they did not dare mention his name. His realm was filled with souls whirling around like dry leaves in a cold autumn wind. Hades lived in his dark palace with his ice-cold queen, Persephone. She was beautiful, but as silent & somber as her husband for she wasn’t happy. 

✿ Persephone, goddess of the spring, was like a gay calf running about in a green meadow. Wherever she danced on her light feet, flowers sprang up. One day as she ran about in the meadow taking in the sweet smell of the flowers, the ground split open and she was seized by a man in a black chariot drawn by black horses. 

Hades, with the frightened girl in his arms, raced his snorting horses down away from the sunlight world, to his underground palace. She was seated beside him on a throne of black marble, and decked with jewels. However, she wanted no cold stones as she longed for warm sunshine and flowers. 

The innocent young maiden who once played in the meadow was soon transformed into a queen by the power of the Underworld and its ruler. She was soon possessed by the deep wisdom of the unseen realm.

That’s Scorpio power.. 

Warrior’s Welcome.

This was written for the Klaroline Arbor Day Event on Tumblr. So be aware that this is a NSFW event involving trees!

Klaus is a Viking Warrior. Set in the 900’s ish. All human and established/married Klaroline. AH/AU. NSFW

I own nothing but what my mind dreams up! Enjoy!




Niklaus or known to others as, Klaus the Hybrid, sat in the small tavern as his men drank and boasted of their victory. He was called such for his warring opposite sides, the soft-hearted man who showered his family with love and affection and the demonic warrior whose fiery rage and fierce steel blade would tirelessly slice and fell all that stood within his path. It was said that the screams of his foes would ring through the battlefield long after he had cut his way through.

He had always chuckled within the taverns upon over hearing such tales of his feats. Just like in this very moment as a group of nearby men gloated of their leaders might and cunning abilities.  His breath suddenly burst from his lips as a busty barmaid plopped her generous rump upon his lap.

Her spindly fingers curled into his long curly mane, eyeing him seductively completely missing the irritated glare he aimed her way. “So, a big strong warrior like you should enjoy the spoils of his battles. Consider me said spoils.”

“You know quite well I have a wife. I only live in a half days’ ride from here.” He attempted to extract her from his person only to have her grip him tighter.

“She has no need to know sweet-cheeks, so how about you take a ride on me instead of your horse?” She wriggled her generous rump in his lap looking at him with disappointed eyes and a sympathetic smile when she found him to be as soft as unbaked bread, “Oh don’t you be worrying over that. I can take care of that for ye in a jiffy.”

Klaus’s eyes rounded first in shock and then in anger as her hand slithered between them take hold of his flaccid member. He promptly stood, unceremoniously dumping her to the floor as he no longer caring if he harmed her. His blade was quickly unsheathed and pointed dangerously at her neck, “You do not touch what does not belong to you.”

Huffing she snarled back in an effort to hide her discomfort and fear, “You be that frightened of your own wife?”

He grinned maliciously as he moved the blade’s sharp end to her wrist, drawn a bead of blood, “Nay. I fear her not but I honor her well and true. So the next time you or any of these other barmaids decide to tempt fate let it be remembered that whichever digit touches me shall be promptly removed.”

Elijah’s hand appeared on his arm holding the blade, “Calm yourself brother. She did not know.”

Klaus turned his head as he snarled in anger placing his blade back in its sheath, “She knew well enough I am married yet descended upon me like a common trollop.”

“Most men would be honored at my company.” The barmaid huffed from the dusty floor.

“I am not most men. I love my wife. She is all that my heart and loins will ever crave or need. Or were you fooled by my flaccid shaft?” He chuckled harshly as the barmaid huffed and flounced away.

“Must you always be so crude Niklaus?” Elijah scolded.

Throwing his arms out wide with a dimpled smile Klaus announced, “I am what I am brother. Now, if you will excuse me, the sun is high in the sky which leaves me just enough time to return home before dusk.”

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Happy Holidays here’s some gay pony shet (ft. Equestria Girls).