Mixed media of acrylic and watercolor 30x40 cm / 11.7"x15.6"

The photo is in black and white because I felt it more artistic haha but the watercolor is too. I love to paint in black and white because I spent many years drawing just with pencils, color is still something new to me! Although the background of the picture is white I would love to put gold on my paint, some or all of gold , I don’t wantto take off the “leadership” of the horse but I want to do something cool with the background! 

 What do you think? Can you help me? I want your opinion please <3

“Lightning” by Lullaby Equine Art 

Mixed media of acrylic and watercolor 30x40 cm / 11.7"x15.6" on watercolor paper.

Finally I’ve decided to put a gold backgroud and is the best idea ever. It helps the white of the horse come to the foreground even more than if the background was white like I think first! And depending on the light and has a lot glitter, it sparkles and makes it very special. I am very happy with this job.
Do it in 4 hours  I have not to do it so fast but the thought of seeing it finished it can with me haha

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On June 7th, Oliver and I are participating in the MSPCA at Nevin’s Farm, Horses Helping Horses trail ride.

For those that don’t know, this is a fund raiser that runs similar to the Susan Komen rides held around the US. Donations are collected for the cause, and then we go on an amazingly run trail ride.

I Greatly stand behind this cause, and it is the one consistent ride of two fundraisers I try to partake in each year. Nevin’s Farm is a divisions of the MSPCA, which brings in farm animals, everything from ducks and geese, to sheep, to horses, donkeys, cows, etc. The staff of the farm goes above and beyond to care for these animals. 

Located in Methuen, Mass. there is also a small tack shop open on the weekends (they have blanket blow out at the beginning of every season, last year we got BRAND NEW heavy weight Rhino blankets WITH neck covers, for $40 each). There is a nice selection in the tack shop from junk, to really nice name brand, with tag jackets, breeches, and boots. All proceeds go back into the farm, and the tack shop is run solely off donations. 

I am really excited for this ride!

To donate to our ride, please click here.

To learn more about Nevin’s Farm, and the MSPCA Click here,

Thank you for your time!