“Everyone!!! 2014’s the year of the 靑馬 (Tsing-Ma), the year of the Horse !!!! Riding our pet J-Horse let’s gallop to the top!!! Yahoo !!!!   Hope you receive a lot of New Year’s blessings and I wish that you’ll get a happy year ahead … @-@/”

Guys, i know this is extremely late but Happy New Year!! May this year is better than before ♡♡♡

So this is mi first follow forever yayayya!!! So glad im finally doing this, i was meant to do it a while ago but w/ school it was hard to find time :(. Ive had this blog for about 5 months now and ive hit 700 followers! Seriously, i cant express how amazing all of you are and I appreciate you guys sooo much! You guys are so talented and hella funny omg. Thank you so much for following this peasantly blog and for making my time on tumblr 900000x better! ♥♥

~  (sorry if i missed anyone)
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nO i’m not back yet :‘c i’m just dropping this off rly quick out of respect and care and stuff hah

late, early, don’t rly care i literally just woke up (at five pm lol) my perception of everything is off sH

update: i’m sure i told you guys i’m sick, but i think i’m getting a bit better?? idk i’m not coughing as much, but i’m still rly tired forever and sluggish and ugh and i haven’t recovered from my breakdown yet c’“”: again, i’ll try to come back soon, stay safe and warm if it’s cold (we’ve got snow where i am hah) and cool if it’s hot ilu lots <3333