horsemen's rings

Part Four: Y/N Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. (Two Minutes to Midnight S05E21)

Episode Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader confront Pestilence, but when he unleashes a deadly virus upon them, a very weak Castiel must intervene on their behalf. When reader has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for the reader and her chances of saving herself from becoming a demon.
Warnings: Mentions of violence, forced blood drinking, angst, Demon!Reader, Lucifer!Reader.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 9,554. (SORRY NOT SORRY)

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One of my all time favorite moments on Supernatural is the moment when Dean connects the Horesemen’s Rings. They could have put Death’s ring in the middle (to bind them all), as to say that death connects the illness, war and hunger.
But instead, they put WAR as the middle ring, as to say that it is the couse - the thing to draw death, illness and hunger towards it. Beautiful.

You get your cas back
You get your mom back
You get your best friend Bobby back
You get your dad back
You get your house back
Ya get your first and second lives back
Your first killing
Your monster fling
Your bling bling bling and the horsemens ring
You get your arm and the car and the colt and the armory
First little sister Charlie
It sounds a little crazy, a little scattered and absurd
But that’s what you get when you play a supernatural episode backwards

Part One: Crowley, Your Friendly Neighborhood Demon. (The Devil You Know S05E20)

Episode Summary: The demon Crowley tells Sam, Dean and the reader he can help them find the remaining Horsemen rings so they can trap Lucifer. The reader and the brothers are doubtful until Crowley leads them to Brady, the handler for Pestilence and Death. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 4,763.

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Deals- Crowley


Could I have a Crowley x reader but maybe where the reader tricks him or they’re friends

This is a reader x Crowley but not in a relationship type way, from a friendship because who wouldn’t want to be friends with the king of hell?

You and Crowley had been making deals for centuries, you’d even become friends. The first one you made was for immortality and every time after that you’ve been able to manage to get out of every deal the two of you make.

“Technically I’ve only had the car for about… Nine years?” You explained to Crowley who was really starting to lose his patience. In 1734 you made a deal with Crowley to sell your soul for immortality. He was a simple crossroads demon at the time, not the same one he was today, and when he came to collect your soul, technically you couldn’t go to Hell.

You were immortal.

Ever since then you’ve been making deals with Crowley, wording them just right, so whenever your ten years were up, you still wouldn’t pay your side of the debt.

“I got you the car, now time to pay up, love. I want the Horsemen of War’s ring,” Crowley said.

You smirked. “No, no muffin, our deal was I got a mustang for ten years, and ever since those blasted Horsemen came to town, they stole my ride. So come back in a year to collect, or whenever I get my car back." 

Crowley was almost blue in the face. "A deals a deal!”

“Yes it is,” You growled, stalking towards him. “You and I are business people, Fergus. You know how to sell, but I know how to bargain. I know how to bend the contract to the point where our deal still stands. So if you even THINK of breaking our agreement there will be Hell to pay.”

You spun on your heel and marched back towards the motorcycle you’d stolen at some dingy Roadhouse a few miles back and took off.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean said, him and Sam coming out from their hiding spot. “This is why you never make deals with Y/N,” Crowley replied, beginning to walk away. “So she’s a demon?” Sam asked. Crowley nodded. “First deal was immortality, I made her a crossroads demon. But she doesn’t work for Hell. She works for herself.”

 "So we can cut a deal with her to get the ring?“ Dean asked. Crowley scoffed. "Good luck with that one, mate.” Crowley said before disappearing.


Good For Me.

Word count:853

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Reader Lucifer

Request: Would you consider doing a fic where Lucifer is obsessed with the reader? The reader is a hunter, dean and she are together and dean is trying to protect her from Lucifer. He is controlling her and he is in her mind trying to lure her to him but Dean is struggling to save her from him.

Warnings: angst, arguing, Lucifer because well luci.

A/N: the italics that are bold are Lucifer talking in the readers head.

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Lord of the Rings RereadThe Riders Of Rohan

With astonishing speed and skill they checked their steeds, wheeled, and came charging round. Soon the three companions found themselves in a ring of horsemen moving in a running circle, up the hill-slope behind them and down, round and round them, and drawing ever inwards. Aragorn stood silent, and the other two sat without moving, wondering what way things would turn.

Without a word or cry, suddenly, the Riders halted. A thicket of spears were pointed towards the strangers; and some of the horsemen had bows in hand, and their arrows were already fitted to the string. Then one rode forward, a tall man, taller than all the rest; from his helm as a crest a white horsetail flowed. He advanced until the point of his spear was within a foot of Aragorn’s breast. Aragorn did not stir.

Part Two: It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time. (The Devil You Know S05E20)

Episode Summary: The demon Crowley tells Sam, Dean and the reader he can help them find the remaining Horsemen rings so they can trap Lucifer. The reader and the brothers are doubtful until Crowley leads them to Brady, the handler for Pestilence and Death.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 4,938.

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Their horses were of great stature, strong and clean-limbed; their grey coats glistened, their long tails flowed in the wind, their manes were braided on their proud necks. The  Men  that rode them matched them well: tall and long-limbed; their hair, flaxen-pale, flowed under their light helms, and streamed in long braids behind them; their faces were stern and keen. 

With astonishing speed and skill they checked their steeds, wheeled, and came charging round. Soon the three companions found themselves in a ring of horsemen moving in a running circle…Aragorn, stood silent, and the other two sat without moving, wondering what way things would turn.

I don’t know whether this theory has already reared its head but what if Dean wasn’t sent to 2014 in End!Verse? Sure the sign tells us it’s August 1st 2014, but when was that sign put up? Surely not the day Dean arrived…

It could have been there months, years even, what with the Croatoan Virus so widespread by the time he arrives, the city near deserted and the amount of defences put up against the threat. It would have taken time for Future!Dean to establish a safe-house, and gather survivors. August 1st would not be when the terror started, so if that sign had been created near the emergence of the worldwide spread of the epidemic, at what exact point did Dean arrive in the future?

My theory is that he was sent to 2015, maybe after Sam confronts Lucifer about his brother being taken over by the Mark of Cain, about the tough choices he makes to rid Dean of Lucifer’s influence.

If Michael is in the cage, and Sam finds a way to let Lucifer out, agrees to become his vessel again to release Dean from his affliction, who is there to stop the onslaught that is The Adversary’s Apocalypse? 

“Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up… here.”

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And In The End

Author: Dee

Request: HI there, absolutely LOVE your writing :) could you do a fic based off of The Kids Aren’t All Right by FOB with Reader x Sam and maybe involve something from whole ‘Lucifer’s vessel’ plotline and Swan Song and stuff? Thanks!

Warnings: Spoilers from the season six finale ‘Swan Song’ (but I mean who hasn’t watched it like ten thousand times, I know I have)

“And in the end- I’d do it all again….”

The Impala’s wheels crunched atop the gravel, Def Leopard blaring from its speakers as Dean steered in down the graveyard path.  It was the perfect chorus. The perfect sound. The same things you’d heard nearly everyday since being with the Winchesters. It was their sound, a good thing to end on, surely. 

Maybe it would’ve been smarter to let this play through on its own, to have just convinced Dean to stay home. But you could see Sam in the distance now, and you understood that he wasn’t really your Sam anymore. He wasn’t the man who had held you against his chest when the darkness sunk in, wasn’t the man who had smiled and laughed with you and Dean and Bobby while you watched some stupid movie no one really cared about, or even the man who’d promised he loved you time after time. He was Lucifer’s vessel now. He was barely a man at all. 

But none of that truly mattered in the long run. All that mattered was that that man was still trapped inside. Even if it was a very, very small part of him, you knew he was still there. And that, even as bleak as it seemed, was worth fighting for. 

“This is gonna work,” Dean said slowly, more to himself than you, as he put the Impala in park. Both Lucifer and Michael’s masks now turned to face you, their faces showing a mixture of frustration and anger. Wonderful.

You pushed the passenger door open, stepping on to the ground. Four cold eyes passed between you and Dean, telling you this wasn’t your fight. And they were right. It wasn’t your fight, but you’d be damned if you didn’t fight until the very end of it all. 


Bobby fell to the ground, his head twisted at an odd angle. It looked like you were losing everyone that day. Sam. Castiel. Adam. Now Bobby. 

Dean was held in the Devil’s grasp, pinned to the roof of the Impala. You wanted to help, wanted to do something, anything, but you were frozen in place, held by the invisible powers of an archangel. 

“Sammy ‘s okay ‘m here,” Dean’s speech was garbled and stuttery, the mixture of blood and surely some lost teeth getting in the way of his words. You fought against the air, trying to move.

And that’s when it happened. 

Just as Lucifer’s fist rose for the last time, surely the one that would end Dean, it all just stopped. It was like something had sparked in him, just a glint in his eye. It was as if something deep inside of him had broken, the dam separating Sam and the angel came crumbling down. 

Sam’s fist unraveled, his grip on Dean loosening. You could see his face changing, contorting almost. That crooked smile faded from his lips. His whole facade changed. His back slumped a bit, that same posture Sam always had to make himself become smaller, seem a little less intimidating. His eyes softened, no longer a glare, but instead a look of pain, a look filled with sympathy and empathy and sadness all at once. 

“It’s okay,” He said, his voice a bit shaky, a bit unsure almost. “It’s gonna be okay. I’ve got him.” 

You felt a strange feeling of release as Lucifer’s powers faded away, your freedom to move regained. He turned to face you, chest rising and falling strangely like a person who’d just become able to breathe again. Though you suppose, he just had. 

He mouthed three words to you, the same ‘I love you’ you’d heard time and time again. Because he was that man now and if he could say anything of course it would be that.

He dropped his gaze, pulling the four horsemen rings from his pocket and threw them to the ground, uttering the words to the spell that would open the passage to the cage. The result was instantaneous, your eyes widening at the sight in front of you. It started out as a small tear, opening until it was a massive hole in the ground, the sheer power of it sucking weeds and dirt and grass in to it. 

It was Michael’s turn to interfere now, stepping towards Sam. 

“Sam! It’s not gonna end this way! Step back!” It was still Adam’s voice, but he seemed almost desperate, frightened at just how strong the power of a single broken human could be. Surely things like that shouldn’t have been underestimated when it came to free will, when it came to the greater good.

“You’re gonna have to make me!” Sam’s voice raised over the growl of the ground being torn away behind him, his arms spread wide. 

“I have to fight my brother, Sam! Here and now! It’s my destiny!” He should’ve known going on about destiny wouldn’t do a thing. The five of you had specifications in tearing destiny and fate away. In the end that’s what free will was about right? And that’s exactly what you were fighting for. Two brothers, a lost girl, a fallen angel, and an old drunk. Team Free Will.  

Sam looked to Dean and then to you, his eyes closing just as Michael latched on to his jacket. And for whatever reason it was really real in that moment. Dean’s little brother, your boyfriend, Lucifer’s vessel, this was his end.

But you knew that didn’t matter to Sam. It didn’t matter that this was it, because you knew if you were to ask him, he’d tell you he would do it all again. 

You grabbed tight to Dean’s hand, having run to his side at some point during the chaos.You held tightly to the last piece of family you had, gripping to your last fleeting bits of hope as what would become a legendary scene continued in front of you. 

Sam grabbed tight to the vessel, pulling the boy who’d once been his half-brother down in to the cage with him. And the remaining two of you watched helplessly as the boy who had been punished by the universe, who had been dealt a crap hand by life as a whole, and who had been cursed by whoever sat above, saved it all.