horsemen's rings

Return to the Cage

Gradually becoming hunters on the side was not Frank’s idea. In fact, he had tried to tell Joe it was an absolutely terrible idea. But did his brother listen to him? Of course not. Was he granted more “I told you” opportunities? Definitely.

This time however, was much worse than a salt and burn turning into a zombie case (which Joe had flipped shit over because apparently zombies technically were real and Frank ended up doing Joe’s chores for a month as a result.) Five demons had them cornered in a graveyard, all of them smirking in their pleasure at outwitting the brothers and at least two of them holding the Four Horsemen’s rings to reopen the Cage. Except this time they claimed to have a spell that would make reopening the thing a third time way way harder.

Apparently the idea of their “leader” turning domestic made quite a number of demons angry. They had wanted the Apocalypse as much as some of the angels did and punishing the humans responsible seemed to be their main plan. Forcing them into Hell the hard way seemed like the perfect plan for revenge. And it almost worked, if Frank hadn’t been so desperate to keep Joe out of it.

During the chaos of the fight, the rings had been dropped, the ground seemed to yawn open, a large black hole appearing in the grass, wind buffeting around them as the air sucked inward. Joe almost lost his balance fighting a demon and Frank shoved him out of the way, losing his own footing. The wind seemed to grab him, yanking him further down as he clawed at the grass as he tried to stay aloft but it was too much. The last thing he remembered was seeing the horror on Joe’s face as he fell into the yawning blackness, as the hole above him sealed shut and he was free falling downward into the Cage.