• Jesse: Admit it! You like my girlfriend.
  • Chloe: Oh, come on. I mean, am I attracted to her? Sure. Do my days feel better when I'm around her? Yeah. Does she get me in ways no woman ever has? Indubitably. Do I fantasize about her? Yes, but only in two positions. Look, am I the kind of gal who would try to steal someone else's girlfriend? Sure, of course, but do I like her? The answer's no.

Bowser :: Conquest/pestilence
Conquest over Mario in Paper Mario/pretty much causing a plague of black paint in Color Splash’s Port Prisma.
Peach :: War
Peach as the Shadow Queen would have cast a global war and probably win due to her (initial) invincibility.
Luigi :: Famine
Bit of a stretch but Luigi being starved of recognition by almost everyone, and then becoming a part of Super Dimentio, which was slowly starving away the universe of its liveness.
Mario :: Death

I’m just saying, if Mario doesn’t get possessed by a demented force to cause an apocalypse in the next Paper Mario I’m gonna do it myself.

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You probably have so many asks right now so I hope I'm not bothering you with this one :S But there's been this thought on my mind bothering me for a while. How would death react/answer to his s/o if they asked for a kiss after years of being together. If you could do a scenario of a fed up or understanding s/o I would really appreciate that :)

Prepare to be sorely disappointed :p xxx

 You restored mankind together. You saved War together. Hell, you even lived together now. So why did he still refuse to let you kiss his face?

For Death, the reason is plain. He had made his sacrifice. He cast himself into the Well of Souls thinking that he’d finally atoned for his sins through dying. His final act was to be clearing his brother, War’s name. You saw it in the old horseman’s eyes that day. 

Death had fully expected to perish then and there.

That’s why he dropped his mask in the Crowfather’s outstretched hand and told the old one to make sure you got home safely. In his eyes, unless his life-force is at last snuffed out, he will always hold the mantle of ‘Executioner’. Until such a time, the mask stays on.

Now, years later and you’re beginning to think, perhaps it’s you.
“Death?” you ask timidly, swallowing when his amber gaze flicks over to rest on you. He makes a low hum that you’ve come to learn is a prompt to continue. “How come you never want to kiss me?”

He stares at you for a long time, mulling over what you’d just asked him as though puzzled by the notion. Finally he says, “What makes you think I don’t?” Exasperatedly, you throw your head back with a short bark of laughter and flick your hand in the general direction of his face.

“Gee, I don’t know,” you laugh, although it lacks much of its usual humour, “Maybe because it’s been several years now, but you still haven’t let me see your face, let alone get at your lips!” Death frowns deeply behind the mask whilst folding his arms across his chest.

“Is it imperative that we mesh our lips together?” he asks, “Is our relationship solely based on your desire to one day kiss me?” The line of questioning makes you recoil slightly, though you’re more confused than actually shocked.

“W-well, no…I mean our relationship is a lot more than just me wanting to kiss you. But-” The horseman interrupts you by suddenly stalking across the room and looming over you, his shadow engulfs you in near darkness whilst you press backwards into the wall, surprised. He leans down until his dark hair brushes lightly against your forehead and you can pick up the scent wafting off him that so often reminds you of autumn leaves. Death breathes in and lets it out in a long, sigh, “…..Good….” he rumbles, then stands and regards you with an amused expression in his eyes. “I would kiss you, Y/n, if it would please you. It might even please me to do so….” he casts his gaze to the ground for a moment before looking back at you. “Do not presume that love alone is enough to make me remove this mask-” he raises his hand and strokes long, pale fingers delicately over the side of the white bone, “-This is not a fairy tale, Y/n. This is the cold truth. I only hope that you do not think me incapable of showing you love simply because I cannot kiss you…”

Death once more raises his hands and brushes his knuckles gently along the bottom of your jaw, his eyes turned soft as he takes you in. With a soft, quiet sigh, you lean your face into his hand and he turns it to cup your cheek against his cool palm. Your eyes are sad, but kind as you nod up at the horsemen, pretending you don’t notice the guilt that flashes like wildfire behind his eyes.

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Hi! I was wondering, did Lafayette have any pets? And which animal do you think Adrienne would've been most likely to keep as a pet?

Evening, Nony!

  • Horses: Lafayette seemed to be pretty fond of horses by all accounts. The native American tribes that he worked to foster relationships with gave him the name Kayewla–’fearsome horseman’–and due to his rank and the fact that he had several cavalry units, he went through quite a few of them in both America and France. He also owned several horses of good stock that he liked to loan to friends and family. Before the American Revolution, however, nobody thought of him as a great rider. He had to come into his own during his time in the United States for people to stop talking about that.

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  • Dogs: Pets were utilities back in Lafayette’s day, so any hounds that he had would have been bred for hunting and not necessarily for companionship. We know that the Marquis sent George Washington seven French Foxhounds as a gift in the 1780′s because Washington wanted to create a new breed of hunting dogs in America. There’s a chance he also sent over a French Basset Hound, but we don’t have any letters or anything about it, so it may be folk-legend. Some sources also kinda hint towards Lafayette sending Thomas Jefferson a couple of Briards during the Virginian’s presidency. 
  • Alligator: So…this happened. During Lafayette’s tour of the United States in 1824-1825, Gilbert was given an alligator as a gift. Knowing there was no feasible way to ship a gator back to France, he re-gifted the dinosaur to the President. John Quincy Adams kept the alligator in the White House bathtub for months before moving it elsewhere. Yeah, smart. Give a 60-something-year-old man a gator and tell him to have fun with it in France…so he drops it off at the White House like ‘Laf out!’ Tickles me every time.
  • Adrienne: I don’t know of her having a particular pet as of yet, but if I was to roll up my imaginary sleeves and do some guessing, I’d give her a Papillon or maybe a cat. Also, as an aside, animal rights and the notion of using animals to tell human-like stories started cropping up in the 18th century. So the idea of having pets for a pet’s sake was just starting to gain traction during their lifetimes.