At this point, I don’t think I can do any possible justice to this image I have in my head so HERE HAVE A HEADCANON… THING:

So Xander doesn’t sleep much. He can’t - he has a kingdom to run for goodness sake, and it’s Nohr. It’s difficult enough being prince, now he has to be king. And his wife, Hinoka, while also doing her duties and keeping the guards on their toes, notices that he’s been tossing and turning. Tosses and turns so much in fact, that he just gives up after three scant hours or so and just decides to get ready for the day. At three in the morning. For a week straight.

This Will Not Do. Hinoka knows all about working oneself to fatigue, and she can see he’s going to run himself into a shadow of himself. Threatening his advisors to leave him alone for a day so he can rest is hardly diplomatic or becoming of a Queen of Nohr (much to her dismay), so she has to find other ways to help him sleep. Soothing tea doesn’t work, lullabies don’t work (not when she’s the one who has to sing), bedtime stories just make him even more awake.

And then it hits her one day as she’s flying: pegasus feathers. It’s one of the softest things she can imagine - maybe a soft pillow will help since the Nohrian pillows aren’t doing any good. So she starts collecting pegasus down. She starts being more meticulous about grooming her steed, making sure every bit of down is safely collected, tucked away until she can stuff a fair sized pillow. (this takes a while but Hinoka is nothing if not Persistent with a capital Per.)

And then the night of reckoning. She doesn’t say anything to him, just fluffs up his new pillow and tries to persuade him to try and get some rest tonight. And when that fails, pulls him into bed with whatever wiles and will and physical strength she has. He doesn’t even notice he’s got a new pillow, and it’s soft, and Hinoka’s just murmuring to him in Hoshidan, and while he’s rapidly getting better at understanding her native tongue, the lyrical parts still elude him and hey it sounds really soothing and peaceful and maybe he can just close his eyes to listen better…

Cue Xander managing to sleep at least 6 hours and is amazed at how he did it, and he feels better after a week’s worth of late nights. And he wakes up for the first time, just a sliver of a second before sunrise, Hinoka fast asleep with her arms still around him.

And Xander thinks, watching the dawn light up his wife’s red hair as he leans back against his pillow, it’s going to be a peaceful day.

How to Make a Horsefeather


  • 2 shots Rye
  • 3 to 5 dashes angostura bitters
  • 4 oz ginger beer
  • Lots of ice


Fill the glass with ice. Start with two shots of Rye. (The Trybox Series Rye New Make is a strong 125-proof straight from the still, but you should really try it with a regular Rye whiskey first.) Add 3 to 5 dashes of aromatic angostura bitters. Then top it off with 4 ounces of ginger beer. I used Gosling’s Ginger Beer. Because my Rye is so strong, I used more than 4 ounces to fill the glass the rest of the way.


- Last Call Luke

some interesting old timey slang:

- ice / jewelry
- iced / killed
- cooler / prison
- can or head / bathroom
- wog / ethnic person
- wop / pejorative for italian
- mick / pejorative for irish
- kraut or jerry / pejorative for german
- cat / man
- bird, broad, dame or doll / woman
- back seat bingo / first base
- ankle biter / kid
- hep / cool
- mickey mouse / stupid
- unborn / clueless
- bread or gravy / money
- classy chassis / hot bod
- peachy keen or swell / great
- candy ass / cowardly
- motorized freckles / insects
- hooch / bootleg liquor
- hoochie or good time girl / hoe
- horsefeathers or applesauce / expletive
- swank or ritzy / classy
- gay / fun
- gumshoe / private investigator
- palooka / shitty boxer or athlete
- whistle bait / hot chick
- lettuce / money
- gas / exciting
- putz / an idiot
- fruity / crazy
- sauce or booze / alcohol
- dogface / ugly guy
- bees knees, dog’s bollocks or cat’s pajamas / the best

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flightless bird - a shinji ikari mix - [listen here]

i know you tried so hard but you can’t even win
you gotta try a little harder you’re the comeback kid

01. planet; anamanaguchi // 02. comeback kid; sleigh bells // 03. home; the minor leagues // 04. one more time with feeling; regina spektor // 05. a burden; horsefeathers // 06. the rifle’s spiral; the shins // 07. endless fantasy; anamanaguchi // 08. flightless bird, american mouth; iron & wine // 09. waiting for the world to end; mother mother // 10. pumpin blood; nonono

- - -

cover art here by tabrizu.

mix dedicated to yuiayanami ♥

Xanoka Fanfest

Hello, Fire Emblem Fates fandom!

We’ve seen so many shipweeks this summer, and we were inspired to come up with a fanfest for a rarepair- Xander/Hinoka

The shipweek will take place between July 24th, 2016 - July 30st, 2016.

These are the prompts:

   day one, Sunday (July 24th): Beginnings | Banquet
   day two, Monday (July 25th): Horsefeathers | Tempered metal
   day three, Tuesday (July 26th): Compromise | Conflict of interest
   day four, Wednesday (July 27th): Alternate universe/Alternate timeline
   day five, Thursday (July 28th): Pep talk | Chivalry
   day six, Friday (July 29th): Commitment | Distance
   day seven, Saturday (July 30st): “Raise your head.” | Free-for-all day!

Plan ahead, read the rules, and feel free to ask us questions.

Let’s make this week a success and bring this under-appreciated ship under the spotlight and give them some love!

Help us get the word out, as well. Please reblog this post and let your fellow fans know.

De Modis Qui ad Iuncta Verba Latina Facienda Non Sunt Adhibendi / How Not to Make Latin Compound Words

“Motherfucker” in Latin would be neither materfututor nor materfututrix. It would not even be matremfututores or even matremfututrices.


Because Latin words do not compound that way.

They just do not do that. And here is why.

In English, we can just pile on words into a single unit like that without much care about the syntax of the individual words. But Latin cannot do that. Latin is much pickier about its syntax as expressed in its morphology. While Latin has free word order, it does not have free syntax.

This means that, in English, you can just stick, for instance, the English words horse and feathers together as they are to get horsefeathers. But you cannot just stick the Latin words equus (“horse”) and pennae (“feathers”) together to make a compound word and then think that you have something comparable to what you would get in English. Equuspennae is really a combination of two nouns that are in apposition with one another. And the problem does not go away if you put the words into the accusative (or any other case together) or if you put a hyphen between the two words. If you say equuspennae (or equus-pennae or equumpennas or equum-pennas or any other combination of that sort), you are literally saying that the horse is the feathers. This is completely wrong. When we say horsefeathers in English, we are not trying to say that the horse is the feathers, but actually we are referring to the hypothetical feathers of a horse. If you want to approximate the English phrase horsefeathers in Latin, you need:

  • a noun-adjective phrase: e.g. pennae equinae,
  • a nominative-and-genitive noun phrase: e.g. pennae equi, or
  • a compound word of some sort: e.g. equipennae.

The badly formed compounds materfututor and materfututrix are problematic for the same reasons that equuspennae is problematic. In the masculine form materfututor, both words are in the nominative singular, and they are syntactically referring to the same individual.  It therefore means “a mother [who is] a male person who is a fucker,” and that is semantic nonsense. Similarly, both words in the feminine form materfututrix also are in the nominative singular, and also syntactically refer to the same individual. This feminine form means “a mother [who is] a female person who is a fucker.” Hence, neither of these compounds means “motherfucker” in the way that we think of when we use the English term. A motherfucker is a person who fucks his or her mother. In other words, the fucker is the not the same person as the mother. And yet because the two compounds materfututor and materfututrix comprise appositives, they are saying that the fucker is the same as the mother.

Moreover, like what was said above about equuspennae, you also cannot get away with adding a hyphen in materfututor or materfututrix and have something that means “motherfucker.” Latin syntax is still applicable with or without the hyphen; you do not nullify Latin grammatical rules by putting in such a mark. Adding the hyphen not only makes something that does not mean what you think it means but also is liable to create confusion. A sentence like matrem-fututorem odi is difficult to understand because it is completely equivalent to the regular sentence matrem fututorem odi (without the hyphen), which means either:

  • “I hate the mother [who is] a male person who fucks” (i.e. there is one hated person because the matrem and the fututorem refer to the same person), or
  • “I hate the mother and the person who fucks” (i.e. there are two hated people because of an et that is implied between matrem and fututorem).

One thing is certain, though. It does not mean “I hate the motherfucker.”

Materfututor and materfututrix are not quite like Syntactic Compounds such as respublica and legislator. Syntactic Compounds are combinations of entire words.  Respublica is simply the noun-adjective phrase res publica put together into one word. Both parts are inflected: reipublicae, rempublicam, etc. Legislator is just the phrase legis lator (“proposer of a law”) put into one word. Only the lator part of legislator is inflected: legislatoris, legislatoribus, etc. (Sometimes the genitive plural legum is used instead of legis: legumlator.)

There are also Stem Compounds. Compound words like armiger and alipes are Stem Compounds because they are combinations of stems. Armiger (“bearing arms”) comprises the stems armo- (arma, “arms”) and gero- (related to the verb gerere, “to bear”); alipes (“wing-footed”) comprises the stems ala- (ala, “wing”) and ped- (pes, “foot”). The stems in these compounds are often linked with a connecting vowel (usually i in Latin).

If you want to make a Latin word for “motherfucker” (and not a perfectly acceptable phrase like fututor matris or fututrix matris), you need either a Stem Compound or a Syntactic Compound:

  • Matrifututor (masculine Stem Compound): comprising the stem matr- (stem of mater) and fututor- (stem of fututor) and the Connecting Vowel i.
  • Matrifututrix (feminine Stem Compound): comprising the stem matr- (stem of mater) and fututric- (stem of fututrix) and the Connecting Vowel i.
  • Matrisfututor (masculine Syntactic Compound): comprising genitive singular matris and nominative singular fututor.
  • Matrisfututrix (feminine Syntactic Compound): comprising genitive singular matris and nominative singular fututrix.

In the last two, only the final part in each (fututor and fututrix) is inflected:

  • matrisfututor,
  • matrisfututoris,
  • matrisfututorem, etc.;


  • matrisfututrix,
  • matrisfututricis,
  • matrisfututricem, etc.

I see the “materfututor/materfututrix” mistake being made over and over again. This disappoints me very much. Part of the problem is that students are not taught some of the most important aspects of Latin word-building in class. It is likely that their teachers are not well-versed in this sort of thing, either. This has to do with how Latin composition courses generally just focus on prose composition, and do not encourage students to be more creative in terms of word-building. I for one had to go out of my way to teach myself these things. Resources that are devoted to them are not easily tracked down. Who would have guessed that one notable resource that offers detailed information about the composition of Latin compound words is not a traditional Latin grammar book, but rather a book mostly about botany–Botanical Latin by William T. Stearn?

At any rate, I hope this post inspires the Latin fandom here on Tumblr to look more into the nuances and minutiae of Latin word-building!

[A to Z] Appalachia

William Morgan DeBeck, 1890-1942, was a giant in the comic strip art form. To readers in the Jazz Age and Depression era, his characters were as beloved as Superman, Peanuts and Doonesbury became to later generations. Dialogue from Barney Google became part of the cultural syntax. Catchphrases from his strips included: “Horsefeathers!” “Heebie-jeebies,” “Jeepers Creepers!” “Bus’ Mah Britches!” and “Time’s a'wastin’!” DeBeck invented the moniker “Google” for his character. And, his character Snuffy Smith ushered in an era of “hillbilly humor.” Scholars today study the DeBeck Collection, an outstanding collection of Appalachian-themed books and materials, for what it reveals about American cultural stereotypes of Appalachia.

Like many illustrators and cartoonists, DeBeck didn’t confine his art to paper; he painted Barney Google and his equine sidekick, Spark Plug, right on this office door.

Learn more:  

Speakeasy showdown (cancer crew 1920s au fanfic)


(Slightly less important note: 1920s slang is used while writing dialogue and i actually had to research it, so if you want to know what something means ask me)

Ian sat at a table in the now-empty speakeasy. Everyone usually leaves around this time, only a few people know that the place remains open. Ian sipped his drink, as it hadn’t been the best day for him. He called out a popular radio show, known as leafy speaks; several days earlier. From there, he had to deal with lots of drama and stress regarding it, but it was nice to be able to have some peace and quiet.

But just then, the door practically slammed open and someone walked in. At first they were hard to recognize, but then they walked by some lights, and it was the unmistakable face of leafy himself. “Horsefeathers,” Ian muttered under his breath. “IAN!” Leafy shouted. Slamming his fists on the table. Although some kind of confrontation was evident, he showed no fear. “Yes?” “Don’t say that, you know why I’m here.” Leafy retorted. Ian was unsure of what else to say, so he downed the last of his whiskey and thought of a good comeback. “Well, I don’t know what a chinless drugstore cowboy would be doing around here At this hour.” Ian set the glass aside. “Don’t you have innocent bystanders to harass?“ Leafy appeared to be terribly offended, and seemingly out of spite, grabbed Ian by his shirt collar. He heard the faint sound of fabric ripping, and his heart skipped a beat. “Don’t play dumbass, You knew you had this coming. Spreading lies, trying to weaponize a pointless thing.” Leafy said. “How could I weaponize your chin?“ Ian replied. leafy was a bit drunk, and Ian was mostly sober. He didn’t take it well. Leafy let go of his shirt collar, but before so punching Ian squarely in the nose. Ian was knocked back a little, but he got up almost immediately. Ian charged and tried to punch him back, but slipped and went sliding into leafy’s leg. He fell over, and with ninja-esque grace Ian got out from under and jumped on top of a table. Leafy mimicked and the two went into a wild frenzy of fists. Soon after ian jumped to another table and leafy grabbed a metal dispenser and threw it at him. Ian luckily hid under the table. As for the dispenser, it busted the light above him. “GET OUT HERE AND FACE ME!” Leafy shouted. Ian grabbed a fork, as there was no other defense he wanted to use…yet. Ian got up, only to be greeted with a glass bottle to the head. “Leafy, you bitch!” Ian yelled in pain. He grabbed a chair and swung it right at leafy, knocking him backwards. He did the same, but it just barely missed. Leafy was badly hurt, but Ian was more so. “So leafy, I won. Now beat it before you get yourself into more trouble.” Leafy nodded and walked, almost limped, away. Just as he left, joji walked in. “Hey there Ian, are you okay? I saw leafy walk out in really bad condition, so I came in to see if you were hurt or not.” “I’m pretty badly hurt, I think, but it’s not fatal.” “That’s good to hear.” Joji replied. “What happened?“ “Leafy walked in and started to attack me because of that one radio episode.” Ian explained. “Luckily I managed to hit on all sixes during that.” “Good. Now how about we head home? You can stay at my place for now.” Joji asked. “Sure, let’s go.” Ian answered. And the two headed off, and Ian knew that if he made it through that, what someone said on a stupid radio show would be nothing.

Does it count as women in practical armor if you can’t tell what gender they are? (Hint: the answer is yes!)

Her coat of arms is based off the fact that swans look graceful and delicate and can break you with their wings:)

#Septembird #bird #swan #knight #ladyknight #practicalarmor #womeninpracticalarmor #warriorwomen #warriorwomenrock #palomino #horse #horsefeathers #coatofarms

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anonymous asked:

I love the common intro from intersex radfems (kittyit, inferior-mirage, reddressalert, horsefeathers, albino-and-radical) are how ordinary they are as women. A hairy woman is still allowed to be a woman. A woman who didn't develop vaginal depth is still a woman. A woman born with excessive androgens is still a woman. Saying they're not like other women is ignorant, but genderists consider themselves open minded saying their nonbinary gender is biological sex based! Fucking assholes! Thank you!

Right? And that argument I had with that white dudebro leftist was embarrassing. A man who isn’t even intersex attempting to challenge an intersex woman’s account of her condition and her acceptance of her own body to somehow still try to prove that any condition of the human body and the genitals that is considered ‘abnormal’ makes these women not female and therefore sexual dimorphism and bio sex “isn’t real” compared to the metaphysical, stereotyping bullshit that is gender.

His idea that intersex people are anything other than their sex is what is fucking regressive.

These people are bigots. Nothing else to it. Misogynistic, self-congratulating bigots.