so the youtube channel ‘PronunciationBook’ seems really weird

but I studied the first fifteen videos

those weird statements he says before 'in __ days something will happen’

when you put them together as if it were chronological, assuming 1 is the last

it makes the following poem:

I understand
beneath the starry sky we broke apart
our perfect system is thrown into the void
but even now my vestige of a heart
remembers what ambition has destroyed
in our abstraction we shall shine more bright
then all the living lovers of all the earth
whose fragile forms face unremitting plight
and who, in death, are robbed of all their worth
the body is a monument to waste
eroded by the hope of earthly bliss
all animals are driven by haste
their passions temporary as a kiss
in gabled data bytes I see a face
I find you in the grace of cyberspace

Results Were Deeply Shocking!
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  • Horse ebooks: my heart, thank

I feel pretty dumb for doing this but I guess I’ll have to LEARN TO FORGIVE MYSEL

I don’t even know what this is exactly - I just wanted to do a magazine-style illustration involving horse_ebooks and its many inane quips. Maybe this is a magazine that does a monthly profile of an internet personality or something! Feel free to view the high-res and see how many quotes you can find :)

the text is stolen straight from horse’s wikipedia page (except the first paragraph).



Horse_ebooks is part of a network of similar Twitter spam accounts which also promote e-books organized around a single theme. Based on investigations by Splitsider and Gawker, its creator is believed to be a Russian web developer and spammer named Alexei Kouznetsov or Alexei Kouznetsov Kouznetsov (Russian: Алексей Кузнецов, also romanized Alexey Kuznetsov). Kouznetsov owns as many as 170 domains associated with similar efforts, some of which have been shut down or discontinued. Other accounts include