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can the mods show us their fave personal characters and give a little bio?

Ahhh I hope the other mods answer this too because I’m curious about theirs and I’ve never really asked >w<!

I can’t pick a favorite, in part because I love all of my original characters in Skyrim. But they are all RPed here in the Tumblr Elder Scrolls community, and they all have personal info and images posted, to some extent. Mine are linked below :)

- Maria

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only jus found this out, about how BOB made it into the series. During the filming of a scene in the pilot taking place in Laura's room, Frank Silva, a set dresser, accidentally trapped himself in the room by inadvertently moving a dresser in front of the door. When told of the incident, Lynch had an image of Silva stuck in the room and thought it could fit into the series. After filming him crouched at the foot of Laura's bed, looking through the bars of the footboard, as if he were "trapped"

lynch is a genius

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ffs, jus saw a Hannibal graphic of him hugging Abigail Hobbs and holding Will Graham with the words The devil takes care of his own on it. How the hell did Hannibal take care of either of them >< I hate ppl who romanticise and sentimentalise Hans

but he

but he fucking


*walks out and slams every door in the neighborhood(

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idk if this is news to you but its news to me, off the hannibal wiki: Bryan Fuller, the creator of the TV series Hannibal, has stated that he plans for the show's fifth season to cover the events of The Silence of the Lambs, and the sixth to cover the events of Hannibal, with the seventh to be an original storyline resolving Hannibal's ending.[4] Fuller has stated his desire to include Clarice Starling as a character, provided that he can get the rights from MGM

i knew about the fifth and sixth season but i didnt know he was gonna do a 7th

i pray every night that the show continues and he can get the rights for clarice u_u

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also some creepy old man who i think is a time traveller stopped us in mid walk at the mall and was like where did you meet this pretty redheaded girl and he touched us both and asked where we lived and went to school and it was weird and WE CAN'T REMEMBER HIS FACE!