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Name: Adam

Nickname: Adamski, sometimes

Birthday: 27.05

Star sign: Gemini

Gender: a slavic deity 

Height:   5′9″ (i think im not sure how american measures work)

Sexual orientation: a lot

Favourite colour: Black, dark green

Current time: 02:29 am but im gonna post it later (edit; posted it at 21:21)

Average hours of sleep: 4-7 h

Lucky number: 6

Last thing I googled: lithography art

Happy place: drunk in bed

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27th of Hearthfire

This day, they left, in mor-neng, back to-wards rim of sky. A-gainthey are on horsebeasts, a-gain, they travel with tall mer. This is all, what is same. All else, is not same.

Is just this one, and Ma’Riahni, and tall mer. Bags on back, they are full of food, and this one thinks, also coin and spices and clothe. Ruby eyes likes giving gifts yes, and also same is for his ahnurr, who seemed like tall mer very much. 

But ruby eyes and sakhliit, they stay back, and the walks of them are not same with this one, or tall mer, any-more. Ruby eyes, he has ja’mer and shir, yes, and sakhliit, she got working from shir, also.

Is quiet, with no ruby eyes. Yes, he was not same, for last times, when tehy traveled to-gether, and this one was not happy with him, also. But be-fore, in times this one liked most, he was humming, and talking, and singing, allways. Even when they came here, ruby eyes was making funny small songs, that sounded like small drums running, words making patterns like in good clothe.

And with no sakhliit, is not smae, also. She talks not much, too busy in her head with skooma, perhaps, or just as she likes it not. But she was happy in silence, smoking with this one. Was good.

Ma’Riahni keeps asking for when ruby eyes comes, also, but this one tells her he has own ja’mer now, to look after, like this one takes of her. She remembers not much of wo-man who kept her in arms like beast, not more, but she under-stands. She likes ja’mer of ruby eyes, and liked playing with him. 

But Ma’Riahni is ja’khajiit, and lives in what is now, not what was. And she is happy to be a-going where the ja’men are, and also, small mer of tall mer.

For this one… is not as easy. But will be good, with time.