horseback riding quote

Sometimes I think equestrians need to stop and just think about what we’re doing. We get so caught up in the competition that we forget why we are even riding in the first place. Take time to breathe, go out on a trail and appreciate everything your horse does for you. Riding isn’t all about the competition, it’s about our love of horses.
My Favorite George Morris Quotes

“Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember, the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.”

“I hope you’re clapping for the horse, because the rider doesn’t deserve it.”

“Cluck and use your spur; don’t pump! You look like an ape in labor in the top limb of a tree.”

“I don’t need gadgets. I have legs. I have a seat. I have hands.”

“They can buy palaces, they can buy the best horses, they can buy the best trainers, but they can’t buy a seat… they can’t buy that. They have to earn it.”

“Get your hands out of your lap: it’s equitation, not masturbation!”

“Don’t be afraid to show off on course. You will be rewarded for brilliance. Not reckless brilliance, but natural brilliance. Don’t be a sheep.”

“Lateral work gets the horse round from behind. He’s dancing from behind… Like Miley Cyrus, dancing with his hind end.”

“There is no such thing as an impossible distance. Make it work.”

It’s one of the four Agreements of Riding, you have to put in everything you have all the time. Some days everything you have isn’t going to be that much, and that’s okay. But it’s the days after days of slacking off that lead to nothing getting done. So do all that you can and recognize your limits and ride more of your horse more of the time.
—  My trainer