horseback riding fall

Fall date ideas 🍁🍂

Take your person or some friends on a date. Feel free to add more

- Go to a pumpkin patch

- Carve pumpkins (or paint them)

- Have a bonfire

- Cider or wine tastings

- Brewery tour

- Visit a haunted house

- Go apple picking

- Go to a football game

- Scary movie marathon

- Go on a hayride

- Take a trip to a farmers market

- Go for a scenic hike

- Go horseback riding

- Go to a fall festival

- Visit an amusement park

some memories i’ve made with each sign

aries: sitting on the front porch at midnight as they play their guitar, going horseback riding and them falling off their horse, getting in a serious fight over mario kart.

taurus: hanging out with each other and just taking a nap the whole time, trying to bake cookies but burning them, singing in public and someone telling us to be quiet.

gemini: passing notes in class, jumping in the pool with all of our clothes on, making ugly faces at each other from across the room, getting detention for dissecting a frog the wrong way.

cancer: babysitting annoying kids together and bribing them with ice cream to make them do whatever we want, swapping homework with each other because they’re good at my homework’s subject and i’m good at theirs, trying sushi for the first time and them teaching me how to use chopsticks.

leo: ditching class, kissing at the top of the bleachers during a football game, going trick-or-treating and scaring little kids, rolling down giant hills, recording ourselves lip-synching disney songs.

virgo: teaming up against the teacher for less homework and succeeding, shamelessly ordering ten boxes of mozzarella sticks from sonic, holding hands in public but just as friends.

libra: pretending we’re dating to make their crush jealous, playing spin the bottle, spending hours taking selfies with each other, aggressively flirting.

scorpio: laying on the kitchen floor at three in the morning and singing at the top of our lungs, flirting with every person we see in public, the teacher always separating us in class, avoiding people together.

sagittarius: taking embarrassing pictures of each other, running through sprinklers together, kissing on their doorstep, calling each other out for being sassy.

capricorn: finding and exploring abandoned places, laughing at the sad part of the movie and getting glares from other people, going from being stupid five year olds to having a deep discussion in a matter of seconds.

aquarius: getting lost in a cornfield, swimming after dark, laying on a trampoline and looking at the stars, laughing at each other for every little thing.

pisces: carving our initials into tree trunks, blasting music in the car, playing with each others’ hair, dancing in the rain.