horseback at the beach

The Dreamers AU

Character A is used to having really lucid dreams, but there’s a reoccurring person that Character A keeps running into. Character B interacts with Character A just as normally as if the two of them were awake, except they’ll be in the most impossible situations – in a zombie apocalypse, on the moon, horseback riding on the beach, etc. 

Character B is going about their normal, waking life when one day, they see Character A walk past them. 

Lance: I have to get ready, man. I want my date with Keith to be perfect. What do you think about a romantic horseback ride on the beach?

Hunk: Ooh, like you and I did for your birthday.

Lance: Yeah but except this time with two horses.

Little Perry the Platypus things:

-knows how to make balloon animals/hats (”Love at First Byte”)

-eats his marshmallows open-mouthed instead of blowing on them or waiting for them to cool (”Skiddley Whiffers”)

-is a huge germaphobe (”Brain Drain”)

-once swallowed his hat so he wouldn’t be discovered as an agent (”Swiss Family Phineas”)

-likes oolong tea (”OWCA Files”)

-wears contacts (”Monster from the Id”)

-enjoys horseback riding, good books, and long walks on the beach (Agent P’s Guide to Fighting Evil)

-has never used his venomous ankle spurs when fighting Doof (”Primal Perry”)

-watches soap operas (”Oil on Candace”)

-prefers using agave syrup over sugar as a sweetener (”Doofapus”)

-is a big fan of Santa/winter-themed beings (“I, Brobot”/”Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!”)

-sarcastically mimics people (“Oh, There You Are, Perry”) 

  • James: I have to get ready man. I want my date with Lily to be perfect. What do you think about a romantic horseback ride on the beach?
  • Sirius: Ooh, like you and I did for your birthday.
  • James: Yeah but except this time with two horses.
The clones go to earth // Head Canons

•Cody was amazed at EVERYTHING.
•but most importantly the vehicles.
•”You’re telling me that you walk short distances, manually pedal a bike for slightly longer distance, earth people used to ride various animals, now you have grounded covered speeders, boats, and airplanes to fly, but y’all won’t adapt space tech?”
•yes that’s exactly what you’re telling him.
•honestly he thinks earth is so extra.
• meeting your parents/family is honestly a breeze for him.
• he lets you decide whether to tell them about the war / how there’s literally 10,000+ men who are exactly like Cody.
• he loves earth sports, specifically football???
•he such a dad TBH

•Honestly he can be such a dork
•He wants to do EVERYTHING.
•Hiking? Yep. Horseback riding? Def. Beach? Of course. Airplanes? Heck yes. Tourist attractions? Of course .
•He super nervous about meeting your family though.
•for one thing, he has a giant tattoo on his FACE. Which is a thing he’s noticed not many earth peoples have.
•he’s really afraid you’re parents will disapprove.
•but he LOVES your younger siblings/cousins/family friends.
•he’s great with kids which honestly will probably help in your family’s opinion of him.
•he likes how laid back earth is compared to the rest of the galaxy.
•please bring him back.

•He’s amazed TBH.
•there’s so many different cultures, and ethnicities, and environments, and just! So! Much! Diversity! On! 1! Planet!
•”what do you mean theirs like 20 languages on one land mass”
•also it kind of terrifies him.
•like how many diseases can you have specifically on one planet.
•meeting your family is honestly more nerve wracking than any battle he’s every been Inc
•he read Romeo and Juliet (bc you him it’s a classic) and what if your family takes you away!!
•TBH ur family is gonna love him. Like no exceptions. If they don’t find a new family.
•take Kix to museums, aquariums, and zoos.
•Just dO IT.
•also hc that he loves music so show him all different types and cultures of music.
•also plays/musicals!!
•he just REALLY wants to learn ab your culture!! PLEASE TEACH HIM.

•honestly he’s most wowed by the fact that you have 89,055 on one planet.
•that’s more than the galactic senate??
•like Jesse, he’s really good with kids which makes your family like him a lot more.
•like Kix, take him to aquariums and zoos.
•honestly, it would be so easy for him to slip into earth life.
•he loves trying all the different foods.
•also the lack of droids is refreshing.
•he can’t drive a car to save his life.


•you’re family is gonna love him so don’t even worry about it.
•also he’s probs nervous around kids but kids still love him.
•he’s a SPORTS DORK.
•football, hockey, and basketball are his faves.
•hockey is his absolute favorite bc it’s so violent.
•take him ice skating.
•laugh at him when he can’t do it bc no offense he’s never gonna master it.
•I’m not saying he shows up to games shirtless and in body paint but he shows up to sporting events shirtless and in body paint.
•amazed at all the types of alcohol.
•like not in an alcoholic way but still p cool.
•he also loves the movie theater!
•fast and furious is his SHIT. also marvel/DC!
•is really confused about the fact that on one planet theirs 89,055 sovereign governments and there’s been 2 planet wide wars that only involved like ten cultures really. Also why are y’all all fighting each other??? Just chill??? Y’all are all human???
•also Australia is his worst nightmare.

Wow this is bad. Happy Birthday to me.


June 27, 2016 (Day 2)

Rick stares at his wife’s perfectly rounded butt as she stands on their balcony overlooking the shallow, blue green water that surrounds their hut.  They’d taken a cruise line to this remote little island and will spend three wonderful days here on the water and he is loving every minute of it.  He never imagined that getting married again would feel this good but he is happier than he can ever recall being in his life.  She brings out the playful, adventurous side of him and he wants to explore everything with her.

He continues to lounge in bed, gloriously naked, hoping the heat from his stare will draw her attention back to him.  When that doesn’t work, he quietly gets out of bed and makes his way to her, wrapping his arms around her with a squeeze, delighting in her giggle and her gasp when she realizes he is naked.

“Rick.  What are you doing?”  She can’t help the laugh that bubbles up.  Her husband has absolutely no shame.  She doesn’t know if she should be annoyed or completely turned on.

“Wondering why this water is so fascinating when you’ve got a naked man in your bed with a raging hard…..”

She turns to face him, placing a finger against his lips.  “Didn’t I just leave our bed?  There’s no way you’re….”  She trails off as he thrusts into her and she realizes that he is indeed ready for more.  “Oh….”  The shape her mouth forms is just the invitation he needs as he places his lips on hers and slips his tongue inside.

He allows his hands to drop to her butt and palms her before lifting her up, her legs circling his waist, and carrying her back to bed.

Hours later, the sunlight is waning and she realizes they have spent their first official day on the island in bed.  She looks over to her resting husband, wondering if he has finally tired himself out with that performance he recently put on.  She understands that this is the number one activity on most honeymoons but Rick has been like a man on a mission.

She gives him a gentle shake.  When he gives her a soft ‘hmmm’, she tells him, “I’m going to prepare dinner now.  You know food, sustenance.  We do need to eat.  And tomorrow we’re going horseback riding on the beach.”  She makes a move to vacate the bed but he grabs her, burrowing his face between her breasts before latching on to one.

“Oh no you don’t.  You were just sleeping and I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” he answers as he moves lower.

She laughs.  “Don’t.  Stop it right now.  I’m serious.  We need to eat…!”  She grasps his face with both hands, lifting his head.  “What has gotten into you?  Do you realize we’ve practically made love nonstop since we got here?”

“Really?  How many times?”

She rolls her eyes at him.  “I’m not saying.”

“I know you know because you’ve counted.  Only you would keep up with stuff like that.”

“Whatever!”  She scrambles out of bed and makes a mad dash for the bathroom, locking the door as she hears the knob rattling.  She breathes a sigh of relief fathoming she just did make it inside.  His ass was actually in pursuit.  She takes the time to shower then walks into their bedroom moving straight to their luggage that she hasn’t had the privilege of unpacking yet.

Her husband lies back in bed, watching her with ‘come hither’ eyes.  She avoids his gaze.  “You may as well take a shower and get dressed.  We’re going to have dinner in a bit.  Ok love?”

“Ok.”  He stands up, making a spectacle of himself as he stretches long and soundly.  He walks toward her slowly and retrieves a couple of items from the open suitcase.  Her heart races as she watches him, wondering how he can still affect her at this level after all their time together.  She gives herself a little shake and with the closing of the bathroom door lets out the breath she didn’t even know she was holding.

She dresses casually and hurries to the kitchen to start dinner.  Anything to occupy her mind because he is going to regulate her to a nympho at this rate.

Almost an hour later, they are seated at the dining room table and she is trying her best not to laugh.  He entered the kitchen sans clothes after his shower, asking if there was anything he could help with but she politely declined and told him he could look over the brochures and help plan their day out on tomorrow.  Now he sits across from her still naked and she can’t carry on a conversation without wanting to laugh.

“I can’t take this any more.  What are you hoping to accomplish by walking around naked all the time?”

“Am I making you uncomfortable?  I don’t get to do this at home so why not here on my honeymoon where it’s completely expected?”  He answers.  “You know you could always join me.”  His lips tremble as he tries to hold back a smile.

“So what are we doing besides horseback riding tomorrow?”

“I suppose we could do a little sightseeing, take a boat out to swim or parasail.  How does that sound?”  He asks.

“It sounds wonderful,” she returns, happy that he finally seems to be on the same page as she is….with some things anyway.  Curiosity piques again and she hates to bring the subject back to that but she has to know.  “So am I just that desirable or are you just that horny?”

He lifts his brows with a comical expression.  “Both.  Plus how awesome would it be for you to get pregnant on our honeymoon?”

She gasps.  “Pregnant?!”

“Yes pregnant.  Don’t you want a baby?”

She blinks several times, trying to comprehend the conversation.  “I mean…..yeah.  We talked about it but I thought you meant later on.”  Visions of his insatiable appetite as of late materialize in her head, resulting in a rising temperature and her body readying itself for his.

“I told you.  I want to share everythang with you and wouldn’t that be the ultimate adventure?”

She swallows with difficulty as she tries to hold her emotions at bay.  “Rick Grimes, you are changing my mind about everything.  You always….surprise me.”

“Is that a good thang or a bad thang?”

“It’s the best thang ever,” she answers as she lifts to a stand and pulls her shirt over her head.  She slowly removes an article of clothing as she makes her way to him just as naked as he is.  He pushes his chair back and she straddles him right there at the table, lowering her mouth to his.  “Let’s make a baby.”

{Traveling!AU} Bangtan


  • prefers traveling by plane. really wants to explore central europe because of it’s architecture and rich art history 
  • spends 50% of the plane ride sleeping the other 50% he has headphones on and is lyric writing 
  • every now and then he’ll look up and make sure you’re comfortable and you don’t notice how he smiles to himself when he sees you sound asleep or giggling at something you see on the movie thats playing
  • is pretty organized despite his suitcase looking like a mess and doesn’t get you two lost
  • holds your hand at all times when you’re walking around just to make sure you’re safely beside him
  • tried to get you guy to coordinate the outfits you brought but it doesnt really happen but its ok because you guys shop and buy matching clothes and it’s cute
  • you wake up later than him in the hotel and he’s already out on the balcony drinking coffee and when you go over he pulls you down into his lap and you guys enjoy the view
  • buys a tour book and reads out the little passages about all the monuments and tourists spots you visit 
  • secretly writes a song about the way you make him feel while you guys are on this trip and it’s literally just how happy he is to be alone with the best person in the world (you)


  • prefers traveling by car because he can take photos if you’re driving and when he’s driving he can show off how cool he looks (he doesn’t tell you this but you can see from the way he tries to look suave by putting his hand on the back of your seat when pulling out of his parking space and how he refuses to take his sunglasses off even when you’re driving in the rain)
  • ideal traveling situation is you guys take a roadtrip up into the korean countryside 
  • neck pillows all day everyday even when he’s out of the car 
  • took the pro camera with him but keeps teasing you because you’re like !!! yoongi take a photo of me here and he’s like pretending to oblivious taking pics of trees and you’re like yOONGI pLEase and he’s like “take it with the selfie stick???” and ur like but!!!! and it’s cute he like leads you on a bit and then ends up taking endless photos of you because you’re amazing and he loves you
  • takes secret photos when you’re not looking and even if they’re blurry he saves them because ur his everything 
  • hes ok with directions but it’s a roadtrip so yoongis like lets not even spend money lets sleep in the car and ur like ok but how will we shower and eat?? and yoongi is like ……true
  • huddling together when its cold and you two didn’t pack jackets or scarves 
  • vice versa you’re like airing out your t-shirts together sharing cold drinks when you packed too many sweaters and it’s like 99 degrees out 
  • you and yoongi don’t plan ahead unless it comes to the $$$$$$ 
  • but yoongi has never felt more free and comfortable and there is just pure joy in being out here with you by his side to enjoy all these new things


  • doesn’t have a preference when it comes to traveling as long as he gets to rest his head on your shoulder and you guys get to bring snacks along 
  • would like to go to other countries in east asia like indonesia, burma, thailand 
  • makes a list of restaurants you just HAVE to visit and a list of street foods you HAVE to try 
  • “we don’t need souvenirs, we need another plate of food, baby”
  • insists you guys get matching pink luggage so it’s easy to spot your bags from the rest 
  • you catch him taking selfies with random people and you’re like oh my god 
  • pulls you into his arms and starts taking photos and you’re like jiN my mouths full of food or jIN im still blowdrying my hair?? and he’s like “we need photos to send to my mom”
  • tries to pretend he can speak the native language and then he turns to you and is like i didn’t understand a thing and you’re like uhuh i can tell
  • downloads duolingo three days before your trip but only remembers the word for chicken
  • plans a surprise, romantic little thing in the middle of the trip for you like maybe going to get a couples massage or attending a performance in the town and then afterward while you’re gushing about how thoughtful and romantic he is he just grins and thinks about how your smile is worth just about anything in the world 


  • prefers traveling by plane because he has a curiosity for the world and he’d love going from europe to africa to australia all in one trip because he’s got an endless amount of energy 
  • reminds you to pack your toothbrush ike 5323 times because he “wont share his” but thats a damn lie hoseok will give you anything you need because he’s an angel and loves you
  • gets super into souvenirs and buys one for each bts member, each manager, each dance instructor, basically something for every person he’s ever meet in his life
  • is willing to talk to strangers for directions because you two are dumbfounded but instead of talking he’s dong charades with his body to try and get the people to understand him
  • when i doubt hoseok just smiles and gives you thumbs up because even if yall are lost in the middle of sydney or in the middle of the safari soMEhow he promises you two will be fine
  • fixes your hair after youve slept on the plane and you also fix his and hes like my face is puffy but youre like i love it and lean in to kiss him and the stewards on the plane are like “this is the cutest couple to every travel on this airline ????”
  • hoseok can get you guys discounts on anything because he’s a shining ball of light and everyone he meets instantly likes him because how can you not 
  • you guys try to challenge each others fears by having adventures on your travels and it’s how you grow closer because you have each other the whole trip to lean on and when you’re going back you guys just cuddle sleepily into each others arms and like it’s just an experience that’s unforgettable 


  • prefers travel by overnight trains because there’s a bed and he can knock out in comfort 
  • would like to see more of south asia like india, sri lanka, bangladesh and especially traveling through rain forests and places with gorgeous warm nature would be such a sight 
  • except he sleeps the entire time really no point in even trying to keep him awake hes like nope 5 min in he was snoozing (except for when you wake him up like elephants JIMIN and he falls off the bed like ELEPHANTS
  • it’s cute tho!!!! whats not cute is the fact that jimin gets distracted by everything so you literally keep reminding him not to forget his bags anywhere
  • “jimin, tie your suitcase to your wrist because you’ll forget it.” “no i won’t.” “where’s your suitcase right now?” “…………….don’t hate me but we might have to go back to the dorm.”
  • is horrible when it comes to money like he’d spend it all in one day if you let him and he doesn’t keep track of purchases so you’re always like “no jimin we can’t buy that.” and he gets pouty but its nothing a couple of kisses cant fix 
  • dances to bangtan songs when you guys are waiting in line to get tickets for something 
  • at first you were a lil embarrassed but soon enough you learned that just dancing along with him makes it better 
  • gets shy when he has to ask a stranger for help but he doesn’t want to let you down so he does his best to ask for directions or help but sometimes you’re like “jimin, let me handle it ^^” and he thinks ur so cool and brave
  • park jimin is astounded by anything you do honestly he is Head over Heels 
  • keeps squeezing your hand and asking you if all of this is real and you’re like ofc!! and he just can’t believe he’s doing this right now with you


  • like jin, he doesn’t have a preference but once you get to your destination he loves things like bike tours or hiking 
  • south america would be a spot he’d really love to see, countries like brazil, argentina, and venezuela are all colorful and so new to him that he’d love to just go and explore
  • taehyung would want to go anywhere there’s an ocean so he can pull you into the warm waves and play around with you and just laughs and love everywhere
  • imagine riding horseback on the beach with taehyung??? or ziplining through the rainforest with taehyung??? or learning how to dance the samba with taehyung ????
  • you guys dont plan, like a lot of stuff is spontaneous stuff that you just decide would be amazing to do like taehyung’s just like you cant live life knowing whats gonna happen lets just wing it
  • except ur also like lets not wing it and go bankrupt on this trip or lose our passports cough COuGh
  • if there’s anyplace that looks remotely scenic taehyung is like pls take a photo of me !!! and so you’re walking around snapping photos of your boyfriend pretending to be a model in the middle of the street or on a bus bench but like he looks good so why not
  • taehyung facetimes the hyungs whenever u two are gonna do something cool just to show off about it 
  • aside from taking photos of himself and nature he also takes photos of himself kissing you in all the different places you’ve been and he makes it like a little project of his and every time he pulls away he’s like “this can’t be more perfect” but he says it EVery TIMe and you’re like you said that last time and he’s like yeah ur right every moment is perfect to me if it’s with you…………


  • prefers traveling by plane because there’s less confusion and less work that way 
  • wants to see more of the states because he likes busy cities but he also likes national parks and nature and the states have a good mix of those 
  • you guys go super lite on the packing like literally you guys brought one suitcase and it has all your stuff in it because you and jungkook are like clothes dont matter as much as making memories
  • until youre like jungkook give me your sweater mines dirty and he’s like heck no and youre like jungkook i have so much blackmail material on u dont test me and jungkooks like ???? excuse me i have blackmail material too- but he’ll give u the damn sweater because he loves u
  • does this thing where when ur taking a photo he photobombs it 
  • also rests his camera on the top of your head because hes tall and ur like jungkook im not the pod for ur dslr and he’s like dont move ull make the picture blurry 
  • directions? talking to strangers? nope he’d rather get the two of you lost 
  • steals the sample bottles from the hotel and ur like wow and he’s like right now im making jin hyung proud also look now we dont need to buy shampoo 
  • by himself he’d be shy to go off alone and try new things but with you he’s so much more comfortable and u two are able to have so much more fun supporting each other 
  • jungkook can come off as someone who doesnt know the definition of romance but when he buys you a little plush bear with san francisco written on it’s t-shirt at the airport gift shop and then gets red in the face when u kiss him for it well then like you can see that real boyfriend material come out and it’s ADORable 
Our muses are on a date! Send me a symbol to choose where they go.
  • 👾 - Arcade
  • 🌴 - Beach
  • 🍁 - Nature hike
  • 🐎 - Horseback riding
  • 🐘 - Zoo
  • 🐠 - Aquarium
  • 🌠 - Stargazing
  • 🍎 - Apple orchard
  • 🍕 - Pizza parlor
  • 🍔 - Burger joint
  • 🍨 - Ice cream parlor
  • 🍸 - Bar
  • ☕️ - Coffee shop
  • 🎾 - Tennis court
  • 🎻 - Symphony concert
  • 🎸 - Rock concert
  • 🎤 - Karaoke bar
  • 🎬 - Cinema
  • 🎪 - Circus
  • 🎭 - Theater
  • 🎳 - Bowling alley
  • 🎢 - Amusement park
  • 🚲 - Bike ride
  • 🏠 - Staying home