Horse and rider are okay which makes this all the more funny in my opinion.

I may not look like it, but I’ll be the first one to volunteer to hop on a bull in a rodeo. Or the horse with the most issues that no one will touch. The bucker, the one who won’t stop rearing, the one who is deathly afraid of his own shadow…doesn’t matter, that’s the fun in it. To gain the trust of such a powerful animal and have then listen to your every cue perfectly after weeks or months of blood, sweat, and tears (usually of anger), is the most satisfying feeling for my soul. Horses are my passion, and I am lucky enough to love something so much, whole-heartedly, that I know I will never give up. And that’s what it takes. You have to be fearless, and give these animals the support they need from you as a rider. Share your strength, show your love, and cow girl up.
—  ceradaisy
I hate when people look down on me when I say I'm not going to college.

Or a regular college, at least. I plan on going to an equestrian college and becoming a horse trainer and riding instructor. Everyone says I could do something much more than that because I’m smart enough, but honestly working with horses is the only thing I love to do, and I think I could make good money off of that and my knowledge and experience with horses. 


Reader X Tommy Shelby

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The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

There was nothing you could do as you watched in slow motion as May Carleton’s hand collided with your face. You had half expected it to come to this when Tommy told you he had ended his fling with the beautiful but fiery horse trainer, he could no longer waste his life with someone he had no feelings for knowing the woman he had fallen in love with works beside him day in and day out in the office. You may have only been a secretary but you had won the heart of the second eldest Shelby brother.

“You bitch! How dare you take Tommy away from me. Goodness knows why he chose you of all people, I don’t suppose you’ve got a penny to your name. I could’ve given him so much more.” May spat as she stuck her nose up in the air.

You froze in complete shock as you held your throbbing face. Once you had gained composure you immediately kicked yourself for not fighting your corner, however it was too late as Tommy rushed in between you both as he began forcefully guiding May out of the office.

“Come on May we’ve already discussed this, leave (Y/N) out of it, if it’s anybody’s fault it’s mine. Now let me get someone to drive you home.” Tommy said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t bother! I have a driver waiting for me, you’ll regret this Thomas Shelby. Don’t think I’ll let you off with this so lightly.” May sneered as she got into the backseat of her car and was driven off.

Tommy walked back in to see you helping yourself to a shot of his whiskey that he kept in the drawer of his desk.

“Are you ok darlin’? I swear to God (Y/N) I never thought she’d do anything like that, I knew she was feisty but…..” Tommy stopped mid sentence as he zoned in on your face.

“Shit are you bleeding?” He asked, worry written all over is face as he hurried over to you.

You brought your hand to your face when you felt blood beginning to trickle down from a cut on your cheek.

“Oh it’s nothing, it’s only a little cut, I’ve had worse.” You smiled as Tommy reached into his pocket producing a handkerchief and began dabbing at your wound.

“That’s my girl, tough as old boots. You’re definitely Shelby marriage material.” He chuckled as kissed the end of your nose.