Cowpuncher - Pursuit of a Horse Theif

This is the first image in a small series I shot recently. My goal for this series was to represent the oft improperly or unrecognized female ‘cowpuncher’ of the late 19th century in the West. 

The model is the amazing Jill Schellenberg and her beautiful and rowdy horse Murphy. She answered my request for a female that could ride a horse at full gallop. She fit the role perfectly and did an amazing job. She also played a huge role in helping me gather the appropriate wardrobe. This was one of the most fun and exciting shoots I have ever done. The actual shoot was my favorite so far this year. It took a lot of planning, and I’m happy with this first shot. There should be two more. Hopefully this won’t be the last collaboration we do.

Big thanks to my assistants, Briana Clonan and Colin Russell for coming out and lending their services. 

I should have some bts shots from this shoot on my Facebook and Tumblr soon.