BTS reaction to you being a top level equestrian


He would be on the fence about finding out you were a high level equestrian, horses made him uneasy. But after watching you compete once he would become so supportive.

“I found these new boots for your horse, you should check them out.”


It would look like to other people he was sick of the horses and hated being around them and the competitions, but you knew he was just as competitive as you were. He’d stand against the rail next to your trainer and listen attentively at the feed back every time you left the ring. He’d always be there to bring up up when you didnt do well too.

“Screw him, you were better. Who cares if you had a rail.”


Namjoon would become so excited to find out you rode horses. Tight pants, leather boots and whips? Sign him up. He wouldn’t know much about what was going on, but he was always fun to take to the exhibitor parties afterward.

“I can’t wait to get you out of those pants.”


Hobi would be your number one fan. His voice would be heard every time you cleared a combination and he’d be the first person you saw after you dismounted. He’d also be the first person to be seen walking into the area when you won for your champions picture and he’d stand there with your trainer and his hand on your knee. He’d smile proudly and clap loudly as you did your victory gallop. Your horse would take some getting used to but, if you loved him, He would loved him more and would talk about your horse like a member of the family.

“So you thing y/h/n wants a treat? Can he have one? What do horses like? Okay but you give it to him, I don’t want him to bite me.”


Jimin would love watching you compete and find your competitive side very sexy. He would be put off a little that you were jumping a horse over obstacles taller than him, but he’d still hold your hand and walk the corse with you just to try and learn as much as he could about your passion.

“You cut that turn after your trainer told you not to, why did you? He could have slipped and you could have gotten hurt.

"Jimin, that turn put us in the lead.”

“You still could have gotten hurt. ”


Taehyung, like Hoseok would be your number one fan. Your horse would also become his best friend and you would always catch him staring into his stall and poking at his nose. Since he knows enough about horses to hold a conversation he would also become very close with your barn friends.

“Y/h/n like me more than you, how does that make you feel?”


Jungkook would love the fact that you were athletic. Throw the fact that you rode horses in on top of that and you’re perfect. He go to all of the competitions he could make and would make sure to wear your barns jacket just so everyone would know he belonged to you. He’d pick up the sport pretty quickly and would always brag about you to everyone else.

“This is my girlfriend, y/n. She rides horses and is probably one of the best.”

Derry Prep - IT AU (2/?)

Summary: The Loser’s Club all attend the same Preparatory school where children have been going missing and being found murdered for months. They are set out to figure out why and how these kids are gone. Even if the answer will terrify them.

Words: 2,519

Warnings: swearing, slight bullying

A/N: This chapter is a little long, but I wanted to get most of the filler stuff out of the way so yeah. I hope you like it and thanks again to @heya-georgie and @witchywolfhard for supporting this story and reading over my many many drafts :)

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A week had passed since Richie’s run-in with Mr. Jones. He still got chills thinking about it. He didn’t believe Ben’s accusations before of Mr. Jones being the killer, but after his uncomfortable encounter, he’s more skeptical of the man than he was before.

Richie walked into the dorm room he shared with Eddie and threw his bag down beside his bed. He floated onto the stiff surface and looked up at the blank white ceiling. He heard Eddie rummaging around in the closet and propped himself of up on his elbows.

“Everything okay Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie called out his nickname for Eddie that Eddie had made abundantly clear he loathed.

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Logic of Contradiction

It was something in the atmosphere…
-Logic of Contradiction-
When you think to hold me
In your hourglass of time
And constrain me
With your echelons
when you begin
forbidding me to gallop
or jump horses
over obstacles
i will jump a cow
over the sun
until it throws me
over the moon
and barley fields
soak up my gravity-
or let me graduate
and turn in my certificates
to join the war effort
and take on the front lines-
i couldnt afford
to travel
but i wanted to see the world.
i began smoking cigarettes
to annoy the nuns
and learned other languages
to follow the voices
into the unknown
of imagination
harbored in my forebrain.
- L.Jordan’s Mistressed Arts

When a jumping horse refuses an obstacle, is is not uncommon for trainers to use the whip as the horse stands motionless in front of the obstacle after its refusal.  Punishment at that point is non-contingent and, therefore, devoid of any useful training effect.  In some cases, the refusing horse is punished and then turned away from for another presentation.  When horses do attempt an obstacle after a random act of punishment, it is likely that increased anxiety levels make the horse run and, if the obstacle is in its path, it may well jump over it.  At best, this is a haphazard training exercise, destined to have low, if any, efficiency.  At worst, it simplify trains the horse to default to a flight response in the presence of jumps.
—  Paul McGreevy & Andrew Mclean ~ Equitation Science