signs as memes
  • aries: rare pepe leak
  • taurus: horse e-books
  • gemini: dril
  • cancer: tfw no gf
  • scorpio: sausage song
  • pisces: sure jan
  • aquarius: Buy my silence. Permanently.
  • capricorn: the american educational system
  • leo: shitpost generator
  • cancer: white people
  • virgo: racists getting fired
  • libra: meninism

anonymous asked:

the mental picture of supergirl, strongest being on earth, champion of our planet, tweeting "everything happens so much" and other iconic horse_ebooks tweets is genuinely going to make me pass tf out


stars-inthe-sky replied to your post: honestly if I had a time machine at this moment in…

Our world would definitely be better without @realDonaldTrump, but could you say the same about @horse_ebooks or @wolfpuppy???

literally my original tags were “we’d lose horse ebooks and wolfpuppy and birdsrights I know”. We’d definitely be poorer without “everything happens so much” and popsackles. 

It wouldn’t matter, anyway, he’d find another platform to have someone else type the gaseous nonsense his brain manufactures. 

anonymous asked:

hi social media au where supergirl tweets (in addition to her horse_ebooks tweets) her grocery list by accident and it's stuff like "5 pints ben and jerrys!!!!!" or "tub of mayo + vanilla pudding so i can switch them to prank winn"