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Name: Katariina
Nicknames: toyhto for you guys!
Zodiac: mmmm don’t know what it’s called in English, I’m not so into this stuff
Height: 172cm
Orientation: who knows!
Nationality + ethnicity: Finnish
Favourite fruit: banana
Favourite season: summer, I guess, but I have a thing for snow too.
Favourite animal: horses and dogs
Favourite book: I can’t pick one. Lord of the Rings is an all-time favourite, but lately I’ve loved books by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Zadie Smith, Toni Morrison and Haruki Murakami
Favourite flower: mmm I like pretty flowers in nature?
Favourite scent: coffee and mmm, horse?
Favourite colour: burgundy
Coffee | tea | hot cocoa: coffee, I’m addicted
Average sleep hours: I try to get 8
Cat or dog person: I like dogs more these days probably because I see (cute) dogs all the time and (cute) cats more rarely
Number of blankets you sleep with: one
Favourite fictional character: well at the moment it’s TOS James Kirk
Dream trip: I don’t really have any but I wouldn’t mind visiting Ireland, I’ve wanted to go there since I was a kid because of the ponies!
Blog created: September 2016
Number of followers: can’t remember, perhaps 120
Random fact: I really love the sound of waves and the wind going through leaves of trees

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the princess stayed in the tower and read books about better girls, where their hands learned how to hold swords, where they rode in on horses. i gave her books as often as i could. she devoured them.

her princes saw her and pretended to be scared off by dragons. got too lost in the thicket. didn’t want to handle it.

“tell me what it’s like, out there,” she whispers to me for the millionth time. i take her from The Throne into her bed, tucking her in and making sure her feet are covered. 

“boring without you” i say as always, “but i did bring back a great story.”

i tell her about how the stars change beyond the equator. how there are places it looks like there are twin suns. how the desert crawls into you but so does snow. i talk about the taste of fruit and promise to bring her back some. she falls asleep while i murmur about rivers, and then in the morning i bring her from bed to Throne, even though she can do it on her own. sometimes she likes help, is all, and i’m happy to give it. 

she doesn’t want help getting dressed. the men come for me, blindfold masters i have almost befriended. the path we take away from her is always different, carefully manufactured so i don’t know exactly where she’s located. after all, a lady might get ideas about things.

they let me go in the queen’s room. i report findings, ask for fruit in the next week’s supplies, am told not to spoil the princess, that she must be kind and waifish and wanting when the prince comes. i spend an hour suggesting that fruit might turn the blood sweeter and am allowed six oranges.

in the next week, she marvels over them. turns them in her calloused hands. smells them. holds them until she can’t control her curiosity, devours them. i bring her books about rivers. i bring her books about deserts. 

“when is our birthday?” she asks me tonight. i’m knitting her a scarf for it.

“soon,” i tell her, “i’ll come by.”

she rolls onto one side, looks up at me in the dimming light. “I’m glad they chose you to be mine,” she says, and i drop a stitch. my heart sings against the inside of my wrists. i blow out a candle so she can’t see the blush and i can’t see her lips. i know what she means, i say. i know what she means.

it’s twenty-three for both of us. i bring her a cake we both eat, her on her throne and me on the floor. i am in the middle of laughing when she falls silent in the still night. “nobody else ever comes for me,” she whispers. i say nothing.

we have more cake, we go to sleep. i don’t know if she knows i’m awake, but i hear her crying.

the men come, the men take me. the one that smells like cedar always laughs at my jokes. the queen half-hates me because i remind her of “that nasty thing” they forced on their daughter. 

“the left wheel needs oil,” i mention, “she’s having trouble turning again.”

the queen’s nose goes up. she never reacts when i mention her daughter’s wheelchair by name - doesn’t find it funny we call it a throne, thinks it’s well enough to leave alone.

“well, she’ll have a prince in this next month coming for her,” says the queen, “i’ve arranged it all,” says the queen, “he’s … had the situation explained to him first this time. i thought it would be best,” says the queen. “we’re paying him…. quite a lot for his effort,” says the queen.

situation. she means that her daughter can’t walk very far. she means the situation of towers. i excuse myself. i find my girl books about turning down marriage. i’m not sure why. it’s all she’s ever wanted.

they blindfold me and take me. cedar laughs at my jokes. the sawdust one is here this time, even he chuckles at a few. we ride horses through places i’ll never see clearly. 

“so according to the queen this is the last time i’m needed, huh?” i ask them as they walk me blindly up too many stairs for my girl to make it down, “i’m sorry i never made your acquaintance.”

cedar laughs. he takes off my blindfold and for a second, lets me see his face. “it’s been an honor,” he says, shaking my hand, “you’ve been a perfect lady.”

i spend the day with my princess pretending i am not peeling apart from my bones. i just want her to be happy. to get to come home. 

it’s late. “do you think in a past life i was a mermaid?” she asks.

“almost definitely,” i tell her. 

it’s quiet for a while after. “what if,” she whispers, “i don’t want to leave?”

i sit up and look at her from across the room. 

“it’s just,” she says, “i have you here and all the books i need and nobody makes me walk too long and i don’t feel like… like i’m wrong here.”

i want to tell her she’s never been wrong. that she’s always fit into my heart like a puzzle piece. that, more importantly, the leadership i see in her glows like a fire - that, no matter her body, she’s always been kind and gentle and smart and sweet. a princess that could bring a nation to her feet and do so lovingly.

“it will be okay,” i say, “there’s more fruit to discover.”

she doesn’t say anything. i think i’ve ruined something by accident, but i don’t know what. i don’t really sleep. i don’t say anything when the men come take me.

the world outside without her is boring. no mermaids. i put my hand in a river once a day, just thinking about her. 

two weeks later i am awoken by my name, and a voice i recognize perfectly. cedar stands above me in the darkness. “i know two things in this world,” he says to me, “and one of them is about love.”

this time we make the trip without blindfolds. i see the squalor they keep her in. i see the waste surrounding her castle, the terrible place she’s in. rage fuels my footsteps even when they start flagging. 

the prince is already there. he has dropped her twice, cedar tells me. i am already running up the stairs even though i can barely breathe. i hear her crying through the door and i don’t need to get ready - the fire that starts in me burns so brightly.

i roar inside. turn dragon and beat back prince with girl made rage. the bruises on her body turn me into giant snake. i eat the man alive, or at least i chase him from the place, never to be seen again. later i will hear a rumor about a demon that stole the princess from him.

she cries into my arms. i take her down every single stair. i hear her murmur her thanks into my hair and then i kiss her, because i can’t handle it, because i have places to show her and she has my heart to lead.

my house isn’t much but it’s near a river. she likes putting her hands into it. i take her places when she is able, and otherwise i bring the places back. we read books together. cedar no longer works for the queen, but he’d rather live with the man of sawdust making tiny wooden figurines.

i lie in bed next to her, stroking her soft hair. “do you think i was a centaur in a past life?” she asks.

“definitely,” i tell her, and kiss her, gently. she holds my face and pulls herself closer to me.

“will i be a good queen? i mean, in this life?”

“i’m certain of it,” i reply. i can hear the truth ring in it. the bone-deep certainty.

she’s quiet for a moment. “you saved me,” she whispers, “and usually we’d end up married. but…”

i don’t know how to answer that. i feel ice down my spine suddenly.

“i’m not demanding, is all,” her voice shakes, “i’m asking this time. for you to choose me. for me to be yours, i mean. and for you to be mine. permanently.”

the next birthday we celebrate, we are both queens.


Stephen Reid (1873–1948)

Scottish illustrator and painter who specialised in Georgian settings and costume pieces. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Title page and illustrations from The Magic Casement. An Anthology of Fairy Poetry. Edited with an Introduction by Alfred Noyes. Illustrated by Stephen Reid. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1908.


So my dad is an antiquarian and he mostly collects super old books about medicine and science, but because my mom loved horses he also has a small collection of horse books (modern as well as old) and sometimes when I dig through it I find gems like these! This book is called “concours hippographique” and the drawings are from Piet Klaasse. Absolutely stunning stuff.

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can't wait to hear you thoughts on dream daddy leela <333

hihihihi ifjsodifsdf well you’ve probably heard wayyy more of my thoughts on this vid than u bargained for but here’s one last post of things i loved in particular. as i said in so many previous ask responses, i found dnp’s demeanor in this to be so lovely and natural and enthusiastic. they were perhaps less outwardly energetic but to me that just felt like a product of their being reasonably immersed and into the game itself and all the reading that comes with it. i loved so many bits and to make it a little easier i decided to break them up by person. i also did this bc of the volume of people who were concerned about phil being ‘off’ or seeming disinterested or irritated or any number of negative things. i just kind of wanted to make a point of the fact that so many of my fav moments were actually little things from phil as opposed to dan. also i should say ,, shout out to this game itself bc i’m genuinely loving watching it unfold. i’ve not seen any part of the game before so i had no idea what to expect. i wasn’t prepared for how uplifting the concept would be and how interesting all the characters are and i’m genuinely so excited for the next episode not jst bc it’s dan and phil content and i want to watch them play, but bc i just simply want to know what happens next!!!!!!!! so with that being said here are some of my fav moments of the vid, just a small selection of the reasons why i really adored the video overall <3

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How the finale should have played out, if it wasn't written by the person who created the romance show Famous in Love

From memory the finale went for 88 minutes without ads. Rather than have the first 50 minutes to romance, 25 minutes to answers and the rest to goodbyes, this is what they should’ve done:

First 10 minutes: kickstart the finale with AD kidnapping Spencer and taking her to the cell, Wren visiting Mona, etc. Set the mood for the creepiness about to come.

0:10 - 0:45: story time with Alex - revealing answers non stop. Emphasise that Alex was the Red Coat and Black Widow and that CeCe lied about Sara Harvey to protect Alex’s identity. Bring in Bethany Young and more of the unanswered questions and make Alex relevant to seasons before 6B. Include Wren’s death scene.

0:45 - 0:70: Alex pretending to be Spencer at the wedding and with the liars in general. After Alex begins to make more and more screw ups (Aria may say “huh, that doesn’t sound like the Spencer I know, are you feeling okay Spence?”), there is a more in depth investigation and realisation that Spencer is not Spencer. They needed to have played with that fun idea more. A horse, a book and perfume didn’t do it for me. They jumped to the conclusion of Spencer having a twin way too quickly. It was rushed because of the emphasis placed on the ships for the first 50 minutes.

0:70 - 0:75: a montage of the aftermath. Alex and Mary are taken to France with Mona. Peter learns he had yet another child. Spencer reunites with her Hastings family. Iconic shot of the girls literally throwing their phones in the river, to signal that the games are over and they’re starting their new lives NOW.

0:75 - 0:88: goodbyes, weddings, proposals, Hanna’s pregnant, etc. Quality over quantity in terms of time: it IS possible to get all that done in like 13 minutes give or take. By having the romance at the end, we are more likely to appreciate it. Since the romance opened the episode, I was sitting there like “ugh I don’t care, just show me who AD is”. But by having it at the end, it’ll be “ahhh we finally know who AD is, the show is about to end in 10 minutes, omg Ali is proposing to Emily how cute!!!”

And that, is my take on how the finale would’ve been satisfying. I’d change the answers we got by giving Alex greater importance over the series rather than being important from 6B onwards ONLY, and, I’d change the entire formula of when things happen in the finale, and their duration/emphasis. It was so damn wrong what we got.