Hoofbeat by shadows-will–scream - character aesthetics

Beca’s head starts to pound, the idea of temporary comes swooping back. The voice of her father loudly telling her that everyone’s temporary. Lou telling her to dive in echoes in her head, that random woman at the diner is asking her what’s stopping her. Everything is in her head and for once Beca is going to ignore it because she does like Chloe, a lot. More than a lot. (ffn)

anonymous asked:

your fat

It seems your letter was corrupted at some point during transportation. Such things can happen; after all they’re often sent long distances via dragon fire, or transcribed into horse code and sent via telegraph. Even the conventional method isn’t without issues, as transporting the physical letter may expose it to the elements, which can cause degradation.

With only two words, if even that, I really can’t decipher what you’re trying to learn about my fat whatever it is. Or maybe it’s about my father, or my fate? Regardless, you will need to resend your letter. If you’re sending letters from far away, I do suggest writing in large, thick characters and using a waterproof envelope.

Alex Morgan is the easiest person to make a meme of

I mean look at these

Seriously this is crazy

Alex is probably like

But they’re so funny!

I need help


These are too good not to make

Bringing these gems back LOL


Baby Horse got hops ngl

I mean, she did say she would be an orca…

Double chin feat. Cheyney

I still want an explanation for this

Jenna Marbles speaks the truth

What a dweeb

This is where I should probably get off the internet…

Werk it gurl

I-I have no comment on this one guys

Yes, Alex, I get it. You’re not really enjoying this but I am

So this is the face of women’s soccer? Alrighty then

I don’t think Alex would be friends with me if she knew I had all of these

Oh well

I’d say I should end it here