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Horse wrangler except instead of horses it’s demon possessed cars. Wild herds of them driving endlessly. Off roading in the mountains or traveling in migratory circles in the highways of dead civilizations. Pay this chick to go catch and domesticate a fucking Humvee for you.

I bring you this dumb idea with the mental image of a sad Mini Cooper following you around town because it’s like a lonely dog and gets sad when you go in shops.

Here’s to my boys Leo and Alejandro tonight ~ But also George too on Fury

Before tonight’s mayhem starts ~ I just want to say.
Thankyou to all and everyone who worked on the Revenant.
Awards are a direct reflection of an entire crew and cast and the production stood behind them financing them’s hard work. Not a single individual can really in my opinion be singled out and got each individual’s acclaim it is direct reflection for me on the entire team.
The entire Revenant team from principals HOD’s talent but more so over crew and ads catering security facilities drivers Debbie for me runners locations scouts everyone in the office who can get forgotten every medic every stuntman. Horse wrangler prop master set Dresser carpenter costume fitter crowd make up principal make up hair lighting sparks teamster SA the list of crew and production personelle is literally endless who spend hours of their time months dedication working towards the goal of achieving an incredibly beautiful and ambitious work of art they deserve recognition for all of their hard work. And any nom or award is a direct reflection of this essential collaboration  This also goes for any film that is nominated tonight. And every film not nominated. All of you in the arts are valuable. Storytelling is one of the most important gifts that we can give to one another. And It’s the hard work of every team that contributes towards the art of storytelling and their commitment and passion on going that makes this industry have any true value. And without you there would be none. My sincerest gratitude to all

Imagine a “best horse wrangler in the west” Poe who is a police boy for sheriff Leia (and he really really admires sheriff Leia) and Finn is The First Order gang of train tippers (but he’s questioning his upbringing and questioning the morality of  train tipping and robbing people, he doesn’t like it) and on Finn’s first actual time out with the bad guys he kind of balks from doing it and that allows him to get wrangled by Poe. 

Conversely, Poe, still the best horse wrangler in the west, is perhaps on that train during finn’s first time out and Poe gets captured because he knows where something the order wants is and Finn gets in trouble with the order for balking. He then uses Poe in order to escape and steal a horse leading to a wild chase and a weird adventure of the two trying to get back to Leia and relative safety. 

Also they totally fall in love amidst their adventure. 

P.S.!!! These two buff puppies ride off on the same pony, like, I love the idea of two not small guys sharing a saddle which can barely comfortably seat ONE. 

Added Finnreypoe: They meet a rey living out on her family’s dried up homestead which they thought was abandoned and attempted to stay in for the night and she holds them both captive until they can explain that they don’t want to steal anything, they’re just running for their lives.

BONUS!! This is BB8!!!!


Title: Ride With Me - part five
Serie’s prompt: Alternate Universe (AH) in which the reader is a horse rider who goes to a ranch in Arizona to gain work experience. During her time on the ranch she develops a strong connection with a wrangler and horse trainer named Dean. A story about a cowboy who falls for the girl, a story about the importance of family.
Prompt part 5: A hard day’s work is over and after a little initiation on the Reader’s first day, it’s time to have a fun night!
Words: 4489 words
Characters: Dean, Benny, Jo, Ash, Garth (Bobby and Ellen mentioned)
Pairings: Dean x reader (not in this part yet, you have to be a little patient)
Warnings: language and mild drinking for this part, maybe even a little fluff?
Author’s note: I’m excited about this part! Who wouldn’t
Tags: Below the story. Want to get tagged? Send me a message!

Read part one, part two, part three and part four here!

6.40 PM: your exhausting first working day at Gold Canyon Ranch is over. You didn’t expect the time to fly by as it did. But turning out the horses, sweeping the floors and cleaning the tack actually offered a soothing satisfaction. It was a nice variation to pitching business plans and writing on your thesis, which basically has been all you’ve done for the past eight months. The work here was simple, therapeutic almost. That you didn’t get ride a single horse yet doesn’t even bother you. What does, is the fact that you are drenched in sweat and covered in dust and horse hairs. You can feel dirt tickle in your cleavage under your bra, in your socks and beneath the denim of your jeans, somehow the particles got absolutely everywhere, mixing with the layer of moist that covers your entire body. You watch Dean lock up the tack room which you sorted out while Jo took a group of twelve guests on a mountain hack. He glances through the glass four-squared window impressed before he turns to you. You suggested to organize the tack yourself, after noticing the messy storage place. To the head wrangler’s and Garth’s delight he didn’t even have to assign you that task.
  “Good job. I don’t think it has ever been this neat”, he compliments.
You smile at that, raking your fingers through your dirty hair. It feels like you haven’t washed it for a week.
  “Thanks”, you reply, happy that your work is being appreciated.

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Did that just happen?

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