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For the cuddling prompts 13 pleaseee, love you

:D 13. falling asleep 

It was wednesday night, so this meant there was the weekly documentary they liked to watch on TV. Well, to be fair, the one Isak liked to watch because as soon as the soothing voice started to describe the mating behaviour of the yellow footed tortoise, Even dozed off. 

Isak wasn’t surprised, Even always did with every documentary they watched and on every wednesday. Even had curled around Isak, who was prepped up on a bunch of pillows in their bed. His head had started on Isak’s shoulder but it sank down with ever passing minute, so now it rested on Isak’s chest.

Isak smirked down at him when Even startled back to consciousness at a loud sound from the TV. 

“Hmmn, oh, did I fall asleep?” Isak chuckled softly. For some reason Even was always asking that, not accepting that it was a weekly occurance. Pressing a kiss to Even’s forehead he started to stroke through his hair. It was product free after their shower earlier and incredibly soft. 

“Yes. Around forty minutes ago.” 

“Hmmm.” Even hummed sleepily. He shifted and repositioned himself beside Isak, his head back on Isak’s shoulder, grabbing for the hand that rested on his arm, eyes back on the screen. 

It took only a few more minutes when Isak felt Even’s body go limp and the head on his shoulder start to drop again. He couldn’t suppress the small giggle.

“I’m awake.” Even stated, words slurred. This time Isak only grinned, pressed three kisses to the top of Even’s head and nodded. “Sure you are, baby.” 

Even exhaled relieved, smiled against Isak’s skin… and dozed off again.