horse tranquiliser

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I love your sick Grantaire post! I'm wondering if you would do one for Enj as well? (:

Ok so I often see Enjolras with the flu or stomach flu but what about Enjolras with a mean laryngitis? I mean the guy whose voice and speeches have the “tremor of a hymn”, renders to a wheezing feverish mess. 

  • Joly makes him honey, thyme and lemon tea for this throat
  • “Combeferre you’re a bloody doctor can’t you give me something STRONGER?”
  • “Horse tranquilisers are not exactly part of my range no Enjolras”
  • Enjolras going around with a little slate and a chalk to people
  • Enjolras subsequently finding his slate covered in incredibly detailed penises
  • Enjolras have awful and itchy coughing fits that leave him sore and grumpy. So Grantarire kisses his throat to alleviate the pain a bit
  • Bossuet and Courfeyrac keep apologising for making him laugh
  • Jehan makes him balms they’ve been reading about in 18th century medecine books
Night Visit | Andromeda and Sirius

Andromeda had a hard time sleeping at night. She fondled Ted’s unruly hair and pressed her mouth against the top of his head. “Ted,” she muttered lovingly. As lovingly as one could mutter something at– what, two in the morning?
“What?” He mumbled sleepily and sighed onto her collar bone. Andromeda thought of all the romantic things she could take this opportunity to say, but in the end she really only had one thing she needed to say.
“My leg is dead under you. Move over or it’ll have to be amputated come morning.”

Ah, the joys of married life.

She sighed her thanks as he rolled over and she felt the blood return to her leg. She turned over onto her other side and tried to sleep again. She was jsut starting to drift off when she heard something. A loud clatter, a plate breaking. Her eyes shot open.

Someone was in the kitchen.

“Ted,” she said, but it was no good; he was snoring. “Ted!” She hissed again, and pushed his arm, but the man was like a tranquilised horse. Andromeda’s heart fluttered. She got up and first put on a dressing gown– because heaven forbid she get burgled while not fully clothed, she thought cynically– before creeping out of her bedroom. She gulped and made her way down to the kitchen quickly and as nimbly as she could. She could definitely hear things in the kitchen, and a man’s voice. Oddly familiar, but she supposed once you’d heard one burglar you’d heard them all.

She made it to the kitchen door and through the key hole she saw there was only a faint light, so he was probably using his wand. Lumos or something.  She went to pick up her own wand, but– oh, merlin’s beard. “Fuck,” she muttered. She was so stupid; forgot to bring the bloody wand. She worriedly looked about herself; had to do something quick.

She unplugged one of Ted’s muggle lamps and wrapped the chord around it. She held the lamp in two hands and nodded to herself. Okay. She could do this.

She peered through the keyhole again, and presently decided that maybe no, no she couldn’t. She dithered for a few seconds, before she saw the body approach the door. She put one hand over her mouth and tried not to make any noises. She shied back and hid behind the door. If he didn’t come out, she’d go in and hit him over the back of the head. If he did come out– well, then, she’d still bash him over the back of the head.