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How difficult is it to own and train a blm mustang?

It’s different for every person and every horse because there are a billion factors.

I’ve been working with semi feral horses for like 5 years, my first horse was borderline feral and actively aggressive, so I was pretty well prepared for it. I went to a holding facility where most of the horses had been for years, so they were used to fences and hay huts and the presence of people. The horse I ultimately chose was captured as a ten month old, so he’d spent most of his life in captivity, so he wasn’t a Wild Thing.

I also got to pick him out of a few hundred different horses, which meant I got to pick a horse that had good reactions (was curious, followed us around, would spook and back off when you made big noises but wouldn’t gallop away). There were many horses there that did not have a good disposition. When I picked Toto there were about five other horses being picked up, and they all went through the chutes to get trimmed and haltered and run up into trailers. One of those was an absolutely berserk red roan. He was rearing up in the chutes and trying to kick the fuck out of the trailer doors.

Maybe that horse turned out fine, but there was a huge difference in his temperament/responses vs Toto’s temperament/responses, and that kind of thing makes a huge difference in the level of difficulty of owning and training that horse.

SO for me, I have a lot of experience, I did a lot of research, I’m really well versed in training, I hand-picked a horse with a good demeanor, so! Easy.

But if I didn’t have that much experience and I was taking home a horse that was older and fresh off the range, it would be a lot different.

guys i am getting paid to train a horse and give lessons. this legit makes me a professional horse trainer. this has been my dream since i was a kid. i fuckin can’t. this is what i wanted to do forever. i need more horses to train so i can do this full time if not at least so i can go part time at my day jorb. this is what i truly want. i love training horses more than anything. this is where i feel at home. this is where i feel like i know where i belong. this is where i feel like i know what to do. this is what i am meant to do. i feel meaning in every time i am with a horse. 

Basic Training Principles

Had a real shitty day so I decided to make a list of training principles to always remember.  This is for everyone who ever doubts their capabilities as a trainer (of any species), and for those who are still haunted by the demons of their training past <3 Feel free to add to the list!

  • If something isn’t working, change your approach.
  • If your horse doesn’t understand you, speaking louder isn’t the answer.
  • Always break up each task into small, bite sized chunks.  Train each chunk separately.  Expecting all of the chunks at once is overwhelming to the horse and may be unrealistic.
  • Never spend too much time on one behavior.  Sometimes you just need to move on.
  • You never have to perfect a behavior before moving on the the next one.  Training doesn’t happen in a day.
  • Never assume that your horse already knows how to do a behavior and is just not doing it because “they’re lazy”.
  • If you’re having trouble training one behavior, its ok to try again another day.
  • Just like human athletes, horses experience muscle soreness and fatigue.  Very often they will express their discomfort with unwanted behaviors.
  • Punishment is never the answer.  Horses always have reasons for behaving the way they do.
  • Make a plan for modifying unwanted behaviors and stick to it.  Changing partway through a training session without planning it out may result in you reverting back to old habits.
  • If you find yourself getting frustrated, its ok to take a break.  Its better to cool down and take a break than to act on impulsive reactions and regret it later.  Think first, act later!
  • Never be in a hurry.  
  • You cant always expect to change a behavioral pattern in one training session.
  • Always reward the slightest try, or the slightest “better”.
  • If something is out of balance, see it as a challenge.  That is, if your horse is displaying unwanted behavior, see it as a learning/training opportunity to put under your belt.  
  • Never loose sight of the essence (lightness, suppleness, self carriage, relaxation,etc.)  of an exercise.
Tips for Breath of the Wild!

Setting fire to grass creates up-drafts for paragliding

NPCs sell better/rarer things when it’s raining

Jumping during the last red part of your stamina meter lets you jump twice as far

Cooking during the blood moon will give food random buffs

Use a wooden shield against archer enemies to collect their arrows

Taking off armor and heavy weapons makes you swim faster (unless you have the Zora armor, which boots swimming speed)

Freshly emerging from water grants you temporary fire immunity

Letting a Rock Octorok eat your rusty weapon and spit it out will refresh it

Well-trained horses (max bond) will follow a road or set path on their own if you let go of the control stick – and they’ll avoid rocks and trees on their own, too

Giving the dog at each stable 3 pieces of fruit to eat, one at a time, will get the dog to lead you to a hidden treasure chest

Using a heavy sword or axe against a shield-bearing enemy will knock their shield out of their hands

Hitting an enemy in the head with an arrow deals twice the damage

Throwing a badly damaged weapon at an enemy deals twice the damage

If you don’t have a sledgehammer handy when you come across ore deposits, use the bomb rune to break up the rock

It’s easier to sneak up on enemies/animals during the rain because the sound hides footsteps

Any wooden weapon can be a torch

Hope these help! Feel free to add your own to this list, and happy adventuring!

Getting around in 'Assassin's Creed'
  • Altair: I ride horses.
  • Ezio: So do I, and I ride gondolas in Venice!
  • Connor: I, too, ride horses, and I have a ship: The Aquila.
  • Shay: I have the Morrigan.
  • The Frye twins: We have horse-carriages, a train, and rope-launchers!
  • Arno: ....... all I have is parkour, my guys.
Some of my Bloodborne Setting/Historical Period notes:
  • Running Water is a thing (the only evidence of this is the Research Building where we can find sinks)
  • Candles/Oil lamps/torches are the only light sources.
  • Fireplaces for heating.
  • No electricity. The ‘Blue Spark’ of the Darkbeasts is the only known form of electricity and is studied only by a very restricted group of hunters whose research was also considered pretty odd by the Healing church. The School of Mensis on the other hand, most likely welcomed Archibald’s experiments.
  • Mechanical and clockwork expertise (trick weapons, clocktower, rotating staircases, elevators, machine guns)
  • Astronomy is very advanced as hinted by the studies of Byrgenwerth and the Choir. (gigantic telescope in the lunarium, Astral clocktower.)
  •  There is no plastic but natural rubbers were probably known and used.
  • Printing press. (Books everywhere and in multiple copies. We don’t see newspapers in-game, but it’s safe to assume they exist.) 
  • Home delivery. (Blood is delivered to Yharnamites’ homes just like milk, possibly on a daily basis.)
  • Carriages and horses. There’s no train station in Yharnam. We see docks in the canal/sewers. 
  • Steam power apparently isn’t used either. This is quite telling because all technological advancements were applied to weapons alone and not implemented in any way to make people’s lives more comfortable. Which makes a lot of sense, actually. When you have bigger problems such as gigantic stag-dogs roaming the streets, you can’t focus on house commodities.
  • Most guns need to be reloaded! The reason why our hunter doesn’t reload is probably just a gameplay mechanic since we see Gascoigne reload his gun (which is just like our gun, not a different model or an older version. He wields it paired with the hunter’s axe which, again, is exactly like ours.) So if you’re writing a story, make sure your characters reload their weapons :D
  • Positive effects of the Old Blood: enhances strength and resistance, most likely makes you taller and able to withstand attacks that would kill a normal human in just one hit. Basically, all Blood-users are like goddamn Marvel superheroes and even those not trained as hunters can be formidable foes.

I hope some of you guys may find these little observations of help ;)

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit

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