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I named my Pokemon after fae tales characters. I've had so many people glance at my Pokemon, see my Seadra named "Each Usiage" and ask me what the heck that means, and I just start laughing because,

I…do the same thing. Actually, in Stardew Valley, my first farmer was Mosk at Manytrees farm, and my current farmer is Gwyn. :D Like, it’s just so much fun. But for me it’s very self-indulgent to do that *blush* so it’s very validating when other people do it too. ;)

And yes, Seadra as Augus! That’s perfect :D :D 


Manly Monday: Spanish Aqua Horse

Openly Gay Spanish Water Polo Player Victor Gutierrez Is Ready For Rio!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

✨I’m wiser from the mess you made✨


The pursuit of perfection is pointless, futile, and ill advised.

With the lease official, Maximus and I had our second ride yesterday. The lack of a impeding shows and a need to jump have certainly brought down the amount of pressure involved. It’s just a matter of beating down my perfectionist personality, which is always easier said than done. Miss El has been overly patient with me on this and helped me set up a game plan for the time being. 

I did some hip stretches, and for the most part I didn’t feel unbalanced during the ride. Left and right felt the same, and there were a lot of direction changes. Much of the ride was spent at the walk and trot. I attempted some canter to the left but we had too much forward and too much resistance out in the field, so I went into the ring. I got a civilized half lap plus a solid halt off of voice only. Thought it was a nice place to end and set us up for next time.