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Ferrari Land Theme Park in Spain Opens to Public 

Ferrari Land has now also opened its doors to the public. This is the first Prancing Horse theme park in Europe and the second in the world after Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It occupies an area of 70,000 square meters within the PortAventura World resort, about an hour away from Barcelona. Ferrari Land is obviously for fans and enthusiasts, but above all it is a place where families can have fun and at the same time explore the history of the marque.

There are 11 attractions on offer. The most spectacular is unquestionably Red Force, the highest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe, at 112 meters high and with a top speed of 180 km/h reached in just five seconds: an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers. Racing Legends and Flying Dreams are two of the park’s most innovative experiences, allowing visitors to fly (literally) through the history of F1 and GT. Ferrari Gallery is an interactive journey through the history of the marque. Visitors can have a go at a pit stop or experience the excitement of driving a GT car with Maranello Gran Race and there are also plenty of simulators for adults and children. Finally, anyone wanting more thrills can try Thrill Towers; two towers in the shape of a piston for an experience of the thrill of free fall.

Bethany Young = Melissa Hastings?

@kimssanity and I were talk about this last night and it made sense to us, so let me share it to you lol.

Basically, the premise of this theory is that:
Mary has a third daughter.

Why? Dr. Cochran talked about delivering TWO of Mary’s babies. One was given to Jessica. We know that’s Charlotte. And the other was given to some kind of custody. We know that’s not Spencer, since she was given to Veronica within 5 minutes of her birth. (Credits to @thebestplltheories for pointing it out)

But that kid may be Bethany.

If Dr. Cochran was there to deliver two of Mary’s babies but was already gone by the time Spencer was born, then it makes sense that they are both older than Spencer. And Bethany kinda fits the criteria since we know she’s older than the girls.

I’m just thinking that Jessica was asking Bethany to call her Aunt because she IS literally her aunt and she even took her out to the stables where Melissa Hastings goes horseback riding. What if she was taking her to meet Peter Hastings? Her father?

And it makes sense when Bethany thought Jessica had an affair with her dad, because Jessica DID have an affair with Peter lol.

And what if Bethany IS Melissa Hastings?

The horse theme is very prevalent when it comes to Bethany. Other than Spencer, only Melissa has connection to horses.

Melissa’s outbursts remind me of Bethany.

Bethany hated Ali. Melissa also hated Ali. Bethany also talked about how easily Ali could make any man do her bidding. Melissa was furious about Ali’s affair with Ian.

And when Cece said to Ali “He (Jason) didn’t see me (That night talking with Melissa). He saw Bethany.” It wasn’t a lie, Jason DID see Bethany. That’s Melissa.

And when Mona “hit” Bethany and Melissa “buried” her…We know Mona knows more than she let on. And the way Mona confessed it was a little suspicious, too. And how can you believe Melissa didn’t even look at the person’s face before burying her? I bet the body there was someone else. If it’s someone relevant is a question for another day.

I bet Peter orchestrated something here. We know he’s been protective of Melissa. My theory is that when Melissa tells him she was the one who buried whoever was in the grave, he pulled some strings to make it seem that Bethany Young died. Peter used this opportunity to kill Bethany’s identity.

And if Bethany really did kill Marion before like Cece said…then it makes sense why Peter has been trying to shut down Radley. Toby has been investigating about Marion’s death at that time. Why would Peter care if it was found out that Bethany killed Marion? Why would he protect her? Unless she was someone he cares about, right? Like Melissa?

I think Melissa was in Radley until a specific age and was in-and-out after that. If that’s the case, she could have gone to school without any problems. It’s pretty suspicious that Melissa’s always somewhere else.

I’ve also always found it strange that Mary resented the Hastings as much as she did her sister (as we’ve seen in her letter to Spencer). Could it have stemmed from the fact that they took Melissa away from her? Note also hat the first puzzle piece was in that letter. It’s amazing if the puzzle turns out to be Bethany’s drawing just as a lot of people speculated.

Mary also noted that Melissa and Spencer were like twins. A clue that they’re full blooded sisters?

I also think that what Cece really told Wren when she called him is that Bethany = Melissa and Wren’s role when he returns is to reveal that.

Just to show that I haven’t become lost in space and time as a result of tampering with eldritch forces that mortalkind was not meant to know about. And also to try and snap myself out of procrastination.

This was just an idle design practice, so I don’t really have any plans for this character. If anyone wants to give him a good home, he’s all yours.