horse theme

seventeen as google searches
  • S.Coups: how to care for ungrateful kids
  • Jeonghan: flower crown tutorials
  • Joshua: is there a korean form of twinkies?
  • Jun: will putting actual grease on your chest make you greasy haha asking for a friend ofc :)
  • Wonwoo: pastel sweaters and coffeehouse aesthetics
  • Hoshi: are bucket hats just as fun as headbands
  • Woozi: step-by-step, adding screamers to cute puppy blogs
  • Mingyu: where to buy edible shoes
  • DK: horse-themed decorations
  • Seungkwan: how to project voice to europe without microphone
  • Vernon: online petition to ban leo dicaprio and vernon memes
  • The8: are sharpies good for hair dye touchups?
  • Dino: cute puppy blogs

goals for 2k15: be able to draw a horse without having to copy it x

So I found out thatsthat24 is Thomas Sander’s blog? And there’s this thing I’ve seen some drawings for about “Warrior Girl and Princess Boy” Seemed super interesting, so I sketched out my own designs!

Day twenty of Drawlloween 2016. Today’s theme was, “Horses and Headless Men” and I know I’m kinda cheating with this one since there aren’t any horses, nor is he technically headless, but I figured it’d be the best excuse to draw Reaper in his awesome Halloween skin! The picture itself didn’t turn out exactly as I planned, but eh, I think it’s still alright. :D