horse taxidermy

Extinct animals on display at the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Photo from Flickr: [x

The display features a model of a dodo skeleton and taxidermy specimens of the Great Auk, Carolina Parakeet, Przewalski’s horse, thylacine, and two Passenger Pigeons. Though it is displayed with extinct animals in this exhibit, the Przewalski’s horse is currently classified as endangered; it was once considered extinct in the wild.


Just finished up my latest Breyer custom pegasus with real wings (and tail!) This little classic-scale Andalusian colt has the wings and tail from a parakeet that died of natural causes and were preserved by another artist. I painted him up with colors reminiscent of a little blue budgie to match! This one of a kind custom is available for purchase at

After our first encounter in The Petting Zoo of the Damned

DM: Congratulations, you have just survived combat with an evil carousel.

Paladin: Did we get any loot from that?

DM: The robo-taxidermied horses seem to just contain wires, tubes, and lots of gears.

Bard: I strip the copper wiring to sell later.

DM: Okay…

Wizard: I take the tubing. Sven the Ogre Proctologist might want it.