horse sling

With one glance, you know that Christopher Walken has never had a normal life. You don’t come out looking like a man-ferret and sounding like a bridge troll who received elocution lessons from the Lost in Space robot after a lifetime spent slinging horse meat at Arby’s. So while it was certainly unexpected, we can’t really say we were surprised to learn that Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer in a traveling circus as a teenager. (He was also a clown as a child. Seriously. That’s him.)

Actually, he was more of a lion tamer’s assistant – not even Christopher “Makes Broadway Dance Moves Intimidating” Walken could leap, unharmed, directly into the mouth of a great cat straight out of junior high. But that doesn’t mean he just did the sweeping up – it only means that he trained one lion at a time instead of several. According to Walken, it was “more like a big dog than anything.”

Think that’s an understatement?

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