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What?!? Horse slaughter is legal now in the US? When did this go into effect? Are they going to be using pre-existing slaughterhouses or are there some kind of special facilities? Is this mainly to slaughter "excess" wild horses? They can't possibly be raising horses for meat now? Is it still illegal to *sell* horse meat here? So many questions! Do you have any official info on it you could link me to?? Thanks. This is terrible. :(

Horse slaughter was illegal in the US only from 2006-2011, when the ban was officially lifted and President Obama re-authorised funding for federal horse slaughterhouse inspections. It’s in the public eye again because of the potential opening of a new facility, which has meant that many people are just finding out that it is legal in the US. You can find a good timeline of the legislation here.

This is obviously a terrible thing, but in practice in makes very little difference for horses beyond the location of their death. As much as people didn’t like to talk about it, this has already been happening for many years before 2011, just not inside the US. Every year, more than 100,000 American horses were being transported beyond US borders to be slaughtered for human consumption, so practically speaking the only thing that has changed in the last five years is that they are being slaughtered within the US, rather than being shipped off to die somewhere else. 

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So- what's your thoughts on horse slaughterhouses being reopened? Shall we start feasting on humane horse meat? I used to do horse riding in the past so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on these cute animals often seen as 'pets'.

I mean, America is already killing horses. We just can’t do it in the US. We ship off the “useless” horses to Mexico and Canada to slaughter them. And honestly? Would be so much better if we legalized it again. Lots of issues come about from dancing around slaughtering horses. There’s also the issue of the wild horse population where adoptions and birth control just aren’t cutting it.

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I was raised in a normal family. I mean we ate meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. But when I discovered how animals were treated and slaughtered, I stopped completely and became vegan. The method they use in your country might be a little more human than what they do in the rest of the world, but it's still killing the animal. I've ridden horses since I was 2 or something. I still can't believe people eat them. How would you feel if you were to eat your dog? I'd kill myself first

So I’ve waited a long time to answer this, cause I’ve been really busy and such.. And I think this message deserves a proper answer.

So I am assuming this is bout the whole I eat horse meat posts. And I will talk about the horse meat industry in Norway exclusively. 

There is nothing you can call horse meat industry in Norway. It is an option to when you have to put down your horse. No one breeds horses for meat here. Seriously.

When you get the to the point where you have to have your horse put down, you have a choice, will you have the vet euthanize it or will you drop it off at the slaughter house. 
Lets have a look at the vet first: You have two choices, a needle or a bullet. It has been argued back and forth a lot, but pretty much everyone comes to the conclusion that for the horse, the bullet is better. The needle is better for us onlookers, but for the horse it will be over sooner with the bullet.
When the horse is dead (yes, i am not bubble wrapping this, it is indeed dead) a cadaver car will have to pick it up, cause it is illegal to bury these big animals privately in Norway. Something most horses don’t have the option to do anyway. And the horse gets lifted up by its hind legs, and gutted and emptied, think it is to stop pressure building up in their belly when they start decomposing. Especially when it is warm. 
Did i mention this car might not be able to come pick up the horse the same day? It might lay there for hours to days.

When my old horse died(colic) it was they day before christmas, so it could not be picked up for a week. It was behind our barn under a tarp for a week. Luckily it was winter and he was frozen, so he did not start to smell. Also he did not get gutted cause of this. 

The total cost of having my horse put down 8 years ago.. about $500 dollars.

 If you decide to have the horse delivered to a slaughterhouse, You load your horse on a trailer and drive it there yourself. You lead the horse up to the door, and they you get the choice to go in or not. If you choose not to, someone will lead him in, and within a minute he will be dead. You get your halter back. And that is it. That is the whole process of it. 

You will get paid about $300-$500 for this. (couldnt find the exact prices.)

There is NO animal cruelty involved in horse slaughter in Norway. None what so ever. If there is, it is cause of the owner. 

This is why I have no trouble eating horses slaughtered in Norway. 
What we agree on, you and me, is that we are against animal cruelty. What we dont agree on is what is the right way to deal with the body after.

But if we are going to go there, why is it ok to make bracelets of the horses hair and not eat the meat? 

I personally think horse slaughter is good. It keeps the population of unwanted and lame horses down. We can argue about what is more humane, a horse being lame sold off as a pasture ornament or having it put down. 

The truth is, a animals have no ambitions or a sense of time like we humans do. They live in the now. If we find it best to have them put down to make sure they dont get a bad fate.. They have no idea. 

What we can agree on, is that the focus on animal cruelty needs to be there. And I bow down you all the activists that make sure it is. 
I am completely on your side when it comes to how animals are treated while they are alive. I just don’t agree on the part after they are dead. 

I dont think there is anything bad with hunting for food (not trophy hunting), or animals being slaughtered as long as it is done as humanely as possible. 
One girl once argued that if the breed goes extinct if we stop eating their meat, its better than being slaughtered. I dont agree with this. I believe that having a big variety of animals on this planet is important. And a healthy slaughter cycle helps with this. As long as it is done properly, and the animals are happy while alive.

Sorry i rambeled a bit. But this is my view.. Prop left some important things out.. But think i covered the horse part properly at least. 

This is me saying goodbye to my man for the last time. (he was overdosed with anesthetics cause he was already drugged down severely)