horse shows in the sun


Celtic Tattooed Face Coin from Jersey, Armorica, Struck Circa 80-50 BC

The obverse of this coin shows a lunate aka “moon” head with a triadic tattoo on his cheek, a “horn” above with a “bent nail” and a pellet in an annulet in the lower right. The reverse shows an ornate running Celticized horse with a sun-scepter above it and a lyre-shaped object below between two suns.

Armorica (map) is the name given in ancient times to the part of Gaul (France) between the Seine and Loire rivers, that includes the Brittany peninsula, extending inland to an indeterminate point and down the Atlantic coast.

Although this type has traditionally been attributed to the Abrincatui tribe (neighbors of the Coriosolites), there has been little evidence to support this. These coins are found on the Channel island of Jersey and in the area around St. Malo. Most likely they were minted in the environs of St. Malo and found their way to Jersey, a primary stopping place for ships on the trade route to Hengistbury (Dorset), England. The discovery of coins like this provided evidence for expanding trade networks between France and England during the late iron age.