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Any Suitehearts headcanons?


-sandpup, father was originally from the city

-devout follower of the phoenix witch, legend has it he helps her bring dreams… if you cross him, they’re nightmares

-voluntarily goes into the city to meet with juvie halls, operates CLANDESTINE INDUSTRIES with the rest of the suitehearts; he helps bring lost souls into the desert and helps them learn the ways of the wild before sending them off on their own

-pretty violent at times, but he really just doesnt think

-has made out with at least a handful of draculoids



-city born

-was once a doctor, issued medication and developed it, also was a pediatrician

-he got in trouble after having multiple cases of serving the wrong medication to the wrong patient, holding illegal experiments, and testing medication on himself

-he had a cat that he had to leave behind ):

-he tends to be really cold to outsiders, sometimes its rumored he doesnt have a heart, that he has a big long scar running down his chest… nobody has been able to prove it, but nobody has been able to disprove it, either

-hes surprisingly not the medic, but he does work on gathering supplies and hes actually pretty decent at fisticuffs

-another rumor is that hes more vicious than sandman can be

-trivia wiz

-he burns so fucking bad so hes at a constant need for aloe vera

-hes really gentle with the kids they rescue and sometimes he sings for them when they cant sleep


-city born, was an idol/celebrity figure

-after a slipup in not taking his medication, he was disgusted with how he was portrayed in the city and what he was supposed to represent, hated the system of it all

-became a juvie hall, was underground for a very long time until he fled to the desert, wanted to abandon the city at all costs

-when he joined the zones he swore off all drugs of any kind so long as it had some mind-altering effect and even struggles with benzedrine sometimes about taking the medicine he provides when theyre sick/injured

-smartass, know-it-all, but it does come in handy, unlike benzedrine’s random trivia

-gets it

-LOATHES tommy

horse shoe

-neutral who got involved with killjoy bands

-joined the movement mostly because it was fun at first, then actually became involved in the message

-the witch likes him for some reason, he doesnt even believe in her really but he always seems to have luck on his side

-eats bugs

-not a great fighter but not the worst


-they brought up the sinners

-lesser known than the fab four but still a big name

-located where hollywood was

i have a lot more but this is all i can think of right now (^: i love my boys please ask me more about them!!!!

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Okay! I’ll be right on it. - fungule

This will be the first post in a series of gifs, going through the geologic periods, from the palaeozoic (time before the dinosaurs, 541 to 252 million years ago ) and the mesozoic (time of the dinosaurs, 252 to 65 million years ago) and highlighting the various pokemon that would have been around during those times.

We begin with the Cambrian Period, the first period of the Palaeozoic era, i.e. the first era from which diverse and visible life could be found. Most of the major animal groups, or phyla that have ever existed made their first appearance in the Cambrian. Land at the time was completely barren, however, shallow seas were rich and abundant with diverse life.  Hard animal parts - for example shells for protection, claws/pincers for hunting, also made their first appearance in the Cambrian, marking the beginning of true predator/prey interactions and evolutionary arms races.

The following pokémon may have been found during this period:

- Anorith/Armaldo - based on Anomalocaris, a ferocious cambrian predatory arthropod (so, related to modern day insects, crustaceans etc) with large well developed eyes for hunting, and two formidable claws lined with barb like spikes, positioned in front of it’s mouth. 

-Goomy - Goomy may be based on Wiwaxia, which is possibly the earliest mollusc (slugs, snails, squid etc), and one of the earliest examples of the use of shelly scales as defense

-Other pokemon - ancestors of the jellyfish pokemon would likely have been present. If kabuto/kabutops are counted as trilobites, then they would have been present too (But I count them as horse shoe crabs, and kabutops possibly as a  sea scorpion, both of which appear a wee bit later)

the signs as questionable lyrics from folie à deux
  • aries: I wanna blow off steam
  • taurus: let the guitar scream like a fascist
  • gemini: the only thing suicidal here is the door
  • cancer: I don't know much about classic cars but I've got a lot of friends stuck on classic coke
  • leo: tempest in a teacup get unique peroxide princess shine like shark teeth
  • virgo: a caterpillar that got stuck, mr. moth come quick with any luck
  • libra: girls used to follow me around then I got cold
  • scorpio: the time my dad caught me a horse shoe crab
  • sagittarius: oh, freckle freckle
  • capricorn: miss flack said I still want you back
  • aquarius: don't feel bad for the suicidal cats
  • pisces: butterfly bandage, but don't worry

What’s happening up on stage? Excuse me… camera still rolling… I can’t…

The last two pics… okay so we can’t back hug now…like horse shoe crabs… but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.. two to the names on the images…last two to fykaisoo…….hearts