horse running on beach

jungkook: anime marathons, ballads, roller coasters, ear piercings, timberlands, baggy white shirts, comic books, lifting weights, toothy grins, body heat, adrenaline rushes, race car driving, chocolate glazed doughnuts, fresh sheets, lamb skewers, puma sweatpants, memes, seagulls

taehyung: hide and seek, tickling, wide-legged pants, elephants, cute nicknames, art museums, alien conspiracy theories, record stores, ice hockey, sketchbooks, flower bouquets, strawberry farms, resting his head in your lap, cheeky smiles, billiards, fallen angels

jimin: cuddling, laughing at everything, plump lips, piggy-back rides, cotton candy, eye smiles, kittens, holding hands for the first time, volleyball, cloud-watching, falling asleep to his singing, apple picking, orange hair, carnivals, teddy bears, sun sets, blowing candles on birthday cakes

hoseok: street dancing, coffee shop dates, early morning sun rays, trying a new sport, smiling at strangers, flying kites, tennis, going to disneyland, beach days, horses running on a field, claw machines in arcades, bandanas, canonballs in swimming pools

namjoon: literature, dimples, gushing about a crush, foreign languages, philosophy, discovering new kinks, forehead kisses, grand libraries, black and white movies, re-watching your favourite shows, long hours spent commuting, red converse shoes

yoongi: afternoon naps, late night songwriting sessions, piano melodies, basketball games, photography, recording studios, underground rapping, heated kisses, music festivals, sleeping in, freshly brewed coffee, first snowflakes, cursing, leather jackets

seokjin: mukbangs, the colour pink, lame dad jokes, mario figurines, traffic dance, windscreen laughter, polaroid cameras, suits and ties, crocs, home-cooked meals, snowboarding, clicking with someone you meet for the first time, blowing air kisses, shoulders

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Morning Run by Cheryl Schneider
Via Flickr:
Carmague horses running on the beach in the south of France.

I remember when we used to fly as a bird in the sky. We had two bodies but one soul: my fears were yours; we used to ride together the world following the sun, the moon beacuse we could be truly free. As a wave in the storm we fought for ourselves. I’ll never forget those days and I promise you I’ll come back to you, my little horse Layla.


Even under the brightest sun, the frigid autumn sea is all the colors of the night: dark blue and black and brown. I watch the ever-changing patterns in the sand as it’s pummeled by countless hooves.

They run the horses on the beach, a pale road between the black water and the chalk cliffs. It is never safe, but it’s never so dangerous as today, race day.

- The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

oh-emdee  asked:

I'm thinkin about some fluff for Puck x Sean, Sean finding the perfect horse for her when Dove is getting older so she can still run the beaches with him. Meticulously inspecting horses, rejecting every one until he finds the sweetest gelding, one that is made of everything kind, that will try his heart out for Puck and that she can reveal all the good parts of herself to

Oh Marlee that’s the softest thing
That boy loves her so much, I can’t
(Thank you so much 😌💕)