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Don't know if you're taking prompts/requests, but can you write a short ficlet of Deucalion/Stiles where Deucalion kisses Stiles' hand on several occasions in private and public?

December Fic Challenge Day One

Theme: Ice Skating

Part: 1/7

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Stiles blinks at him, lips parted.  The rest of the Pack—excluding Scott because he’s frowning, Lydia because she just looks bored, and Peter because he’s grinning—all look just about as shocked as Stiles feels.  Even Deucalion’s posse looks surprised when, at the end of a very arduous meeting where they came to terms about territory and who belonged where, Deucalion narrows in on Stiles and pads over as casual as can be to take his hand and press a slow kiss to his knuckles. 

“Uh,” Stiles’ brows pinch together. 

“It was a pleasure working with you, Alpha Hale.”  Deucalion says to Derek, but there are blind eyes on Stiles’ face.  “And lovely meeting you, Stiles.”

Stiles opens his mouth, but there aren’t words. 

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Bring Her Home, Chapter Two

Her musings are cut short by a scream that answers all of them at once. “Help!” Snow White, age ten, shouts as she rides past them, her horse spooked and running too fast. “Someone help me!”

“Snow?” Emma says, stumbling to her feet. Regina is frozen with indecision.

Before her is a future she knows and an opportunity she’s never dreamed of. Freedom. It’s too late for her, but the Regina of this world can still be salvaged. This Regina can be happy, even if it’s with Emma Swan, far from a life of loneliness and heartbreak and misery. Snow White would never have a chance to kill her mother or take her happiness from her ever again.

In this world, with Emma still present, maybe there’s still Henry without the pain that she’d endured to reach him. Maybe this Regina will never have darkness or magic touch her, and she can live a simple, joyful life with her stable girl. She can do this one deed, let this one girl she loathes be sacrificed, and—

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Running with wolves in Poland

These young wolves were part of a Polish re-introduction scheme, and have since been released into the wild. One of the sled riders was the conservation director of said scheme, so he was familiar to the wolves and they seemed happy to follow the sled through the forest as long as he was present.

Wild wolves accustomed to humans is not exactly what you want, but what an amazing video!