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Overwatch Old Time Family (1)

Overwatch Old Time Family is my original AU, about Efi’s Family(Ana,Fareeha,Hana) and their Friends. It base on 1930s US.

Ana was a soldier, But now she owns her jazz club. She’s good at playing instruments so sometimes she plays.

Hana( likes to do many things. Fareeha wanted to go to college, but Hana refused.

Efi is too smart to go to elementary school But she wanted school that suit her age. She is very lovable person and the center of this AU.

Fareeha is Homicide Detective. She’s like a workaholic(cause her duty), So she can’t come home often. Other Family’s worried about her, they want her to slow down.

Satya is neighbor of Efi’s family. She’s the famous architect, But Efi’s Family didn’t know about that(They think she’s just the good neighbor..) When Ana and Hana are busy, She takes care of Efi. 

Jesse was gang before, But with Ana’s help, now he works for jazz club guard. He is very polite to Ana(maybe only Ana..).

Amélie was a ballerina with potential, But she gets into a big accident, and quits her ballet. Now she’s a dance teacher at Efi’s school. She’s one of Efi’s favorite teacher. 

Lena is a pilot, but now she teaches history in Efi’s school. She thinks she is the best friend of Amélie. She’s one of Efi’s favorite teacher. 

Sombra was like center of under-world cause she has lots of information. But now she is the bartender of the jazz club. She’s so smart she can do everything once she learns. Sometimes she teaches Efi. 

Torbjörn is the old friend of Ana. He owns his Auto repair shop. He is famous for his work. He also helps when Efi makes something, and sometimes gives her spare parts.

Orisa is a doll that Efi made herself when she was young. Efi takes Orisa every day cause Orisa is her best friend. ( + Hana wonders why Orisa’s legs are four..)

Jamison and Mako run an antique shop. Jamison tries to hit the jackpot with poker or horse racing, But always failed. (well he’s not good at gambling) Mako always busy taking care of Jamison. btw No one knows why, but he always wearing a mask. They are regulars of the jazz club.

anonymous asked:

Curious: how do you feel about service dogs? I know you are against horseback riding or equestrian activities since it's taking advantage of the horses. But what about service dogs? We're asking dogs to obey our commands, perform tasks for us, etc. Is that taking advantage of the dog?

This is a tricky issue and I’m not able to give a blanket answer here. I think that there are a lot of factors to consider. Generally speaking, my rule of thumb is that if the animal is better off than they would have otherwise been because of being a service animal, are treated as and have status a companion rather than a worker, are properly retired and they are not placed under stress or put in danger, then it is sometimes justified. This would exclude any animal bred specifically for that purpose, as this is irresponsible given the amount of animals that are killed in shelters. I would also add that there shouldn’t be a viable alternative to an animal, which there is for processes like bomb and drug detection.

An example might be a therapy dog who has come from a rescue center as a young dog, and would probably otherwise have been killed. The animal is not under any significant amount of stress due to their work, they have a place in someone’s home as a companion and will live out their life with the same individual or family. They are not being asked to display unnatural behaviour, are not subject to danger or stress and are being given a loving home.   Similarly, a former race horse or failed racing foal who would otherwise be killed instead being used for used for hippotherapy for people with cerebral palsy, the work is not stressful and the animal is much better off being used for this purpose than being killed. The ideal would be that they would be retired to a sanctuary, but we all know that this is not the usual state of affairs.

Strictly speaking, on a purely ideological level all animal use is exploitation. Yes, service animals are being taken advantage of. Practically speaking though, we live in a world that doesn’t really value animals. In a society where supposed companion animals are being killed by their millions because they are over-bred, I think it is pragmatic to allow for things like service animals in cases where the alternative for that specific animal would be worse and there are no viable alternatives for the person who requires the service or therapy animal. We are seeing some advancements in robotics which look promising as a replacement for service animals, so this may become a non-issue in the not too distance future.

 Many vegans will disagree with this stance, but I’d argue that while service animals may never be morally good except for in exceptional circumstances, they can sometimes be morally justified. I also want to emphasise here that no judgement can ever be placed upon the people who require the use of service animals in order to function, it is not their fault that this is the option that has been given to them, and no one who relies on a service animal should be made to feel bad because of it.