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I watch both British and American racing for nearly 10 years now (longer for the UK racing)….And this is one of the things that I’ve noticed. 

When US horses breakdown, there seems to be a higher occurrence of them falling. In the UK, if a horse breaks down on the flat, it is  rare that they fall. It normally leads to the horse bobbling and then pulling up. The US horses that I’ve seen fall, in some cases almost somersault forwards as well, presumably due to the speed that they’re travelling at coupled with the sudden catastrophic distal limb failure. 

But I was thinking about why this could occur. They’re both racing over the same type of distances so its not like when a jumps horse breakdown in a bumper (national hunt flat) where the distances is longer and could then look more at the fatigue effect / stress-related bone injuries. Of course, this is also relevant for our flat horses but still. 

So is it down to tactics or how the races are run - looking again at fatigue and how the pressures on the horse is based very much on the riding styles employed by both countries?

Is it the racecourse design - whilst there are gradients / slopes (transition curves) on the US tracks, there is not as much variation as found on the UK turf courses where the tracks have hills and cambers. But then surely, this lack of sure-footing in the case of a breakdown, would lead to a higher risk of falling? 

Surfaces? Shoeing? Type of injury? The actual mechanism of the catastrophic injury?

There isn’t any vet research about the differences in the actual fall mechanism after a breakdown that has been published. There is evidence about the differences in injury types so it may be that is a highly relevant factor in this discussion but not on the fall rate. Again, there is so research on jockey / horse falls resulting from injury in the US but it doesn’t really look at why these falls occur - again, I’m presuming it is associated with the type of injury that was sustained. There are also papers on spontaneous spinal fractures in Quarter Horses (side note - this is a fascinating subject!). 

So for now, I’m working on the theory that it possibly more related to the injury that is sustained more than anything else…

So your thoughts please?  


Micheal Jung & Sportsmann S 

Pulled up after it all started to go wrong, this is how you manage a no-win scenario in the arena. I stopped recording but he walked Sportsmann out on a loose rein, everything relaxed and praising him for taking the last jump well. 

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Collision Course - Part Four

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Jamie pulled his horse up short as they crested the hill and the valley opened before them. They had only stopped twice to rest the horses and grab a bite for themselves. It had been a long and hard ride but they had made good time and Jamie was relatively certain they hadn’t been followed.

“Murtagh,” he called his kinsman who had been bringing up the rear and keeping a close eye on Frank who looked like he might drop off the back of Claire’s horse at any moment. “I want ye to ride back a ways just to be sure we were no followed.”

“Do ye want me to go up to the house on my way to meet ye at the cave?”

Jamie flushed red. “No. I’ll go when I’m ready.”

Murtagh nodded and bit his tongue. The lad knew the danger of being on the property without warning folk he was around. Of course if the rumors were true it could be dangerous for him to go to the front door too. But it wasn’t a fight Murtagh was ready to have yet. It would keep until they were tucked safe away in the cave.

As Murtagh rode back, Claire eased her horse forward slowly trying to keep Frank from falling off.

“Where are we going?” To the house down there?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Canna take him to the house––too dangerous, especially wi’ him looking like he does,” Jamie muttered. He hadn’t expected Frank to look so like Black Jack. Given that the last he’d seen his sister had been when Black Jack carted him away, the last thing he wanted was to show up again with a man in tow who looked exactly like him but had clearly been beaten and cut up. “There’s a cave no too far where ye can treat him properly and rest a bit. The soldiers from the fort will check the hill wi’ the stones first thing along with Leoch.”

“But you don’t think they’ll come here?”

“To Lallybroch? Eventually, perhaps,” Jamie admitted. “Randall kens it’s where I’m from and he certainly recognized me. But Dougal and Leoch will keep them busy for a time and they’ll no know about the cave. We should be able to get the pair of ye back to the stones safe.”

Claire looked about to continue the conversation when Frank groaned from his tenuous perch.

Jamie led them downward into the valley and toward the treeline.

It took some careful maneuvering to get Frank down from the horse and on his feet. The uphill climb and rocky terrain meant Jamie was forced to help Frank up to the cave itself.

“I’ll go fetch ye some water,” Jamie said, searching for an excuse to get away from the cave and the sight of Claire with Frank.

“Oh,” Claire muttered, clearly disappointed. “Uh… well, I’ll get started on checking Frank’s wounds but I think he’ll need stitches.”

“Aye,” Jamie nodded. “Ye have yer box there, no? Is there more ye’ll need?”

“A bit of drink for sterilization and to help him with the pain,” she reminded him. “And possibly someone to help hold him still––or at least to hold a light.”

“Ah,” Jamie responded, flushing. “Well… Murtagh shouldna be too far behind. I’ll go fetch him––after I bring ye the water of course.” He turned to go and ignored Claire’s attempts to call him back.

She groaned with frustration and worry. She wanted desperately to talk to him, to explain… but what was there to explain? It was Frank who had no idea what was going on. Grappling with her medical box she returned to Frank’s side.

“Now will you please explain who in God’s name these people are and what the hell is going on,” Frank snapped as Claire began peeling back the improvised bandages gingerly.

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alright i’m in a bad mood so here we go

- The last chapter is showing us events ten years into the future. Pretty much anything can happen in ten years. People change, situations change, etc. Keep that in mind.

- There is nothing wrong with Uryu being a doctor. He said he didn’t want to become one because he saw his dad dissecting his mom. He then found out WHY his dad had to do it himself, and that he wasn’t just cold or heartless. Uryu and Ryuken’s relationship was implied to be repaired, at least somewhat. Uryu’s angst was resolved.

- Nothing in the final chapter implied that Uryu was sad, lonely, or “just like his father.” His face was hidden in the color spread, and we saw his back up until his smile was revealed, because Kubo wanted the audience to experience a tinge of worry for Uryu before revealing no, he’s really okay, he didn’t become like his dad, even when he’s working hard he’s still thinking about his friends. (Doctors can’t just blow off work to attend a party. Welcome to adulthood and all the responsibilities that come with it. Uryu’s doing his job and saving lives, and STILL found a way to watch Chad’s match. That says a lot.)

- Uryu is perfectly capable of getting over a crush he had in high school and moving on, there’s nothing to imply he’s sad and “pining,” ffs he’s a grown adult, stop treating him like a child.

- Chad became a boxer. We do not know WHY he became a boxer. His abuelo wanted him to stop being a bully; Chad chose to make his own promise to “not swing his fist for himself.” (That promise was never specifically about Ichigo btw…) He could be fighting for charity, or using his winnings to support his family, etc. WE DON’T KNOW. (And fyi, Chad’s in the “heavyweight” match. Whoever he’s fighting won’t go down with one punch, trust me.)

- Up until now, most of the people complaining never gave a damn about Chad anyway, so quit pretending like he’s been your “precious bb” this whole time when you left him out of your edits/meta/fanart/etc for fifteen damn years. “Chad deserved better!!” Yeah, no shit, he deserved better; he deserved to be recognized by the fanbase as a MC before it was convenient to do so for your “bleach sux” arguments.

- There is nothing to suggest that Orihime was shoved into the role of “housewife.” We have no evidence that she doesn’t have a job outside of the house, or that she doesn’t work in the clinic with her husband. There’s also no confirmed age for Kazui, so the “teen pregnancy” theory isn’t canon either.

- Ichigo defeated Yhwach ten years ago. He killed him. The “time skip” is a flashforward to show us Yhwach FAILING to move into the future and wreck everyone’s lives again. There would be no reason for Ichigo to purposely screw himself over in order to “be unhappy so Yhwach won’t come back.” HE ALREADY STOPPED YHWACH FROM COMING BACK. I KNOW YHWACH’S ABILITIES ARE CONFUSING BUT OH MY GOD GUYS, READ.

- Also, if you think Ichigo Kurosaki is the type of person to just “accept fate” and ruin his own life out of fear of some dipshit who hurt his loved ones, you know literally nothing about his character. Even if Yhwach’s defeat wasn’t already confirmed, Ichigo would do whatever he damn well pleased and wait for Yhwach to show up so he can kick the bastard’s ass again.

- Even IF Yhwach wasn’t already dead, even IF Ichigo was afraid of him, you know Ichigo is the kind of guy to say “welp, time to go become a mountain hermit.” He would isolate himself and let the people he loves have a “safe life” without him. He is NOT the type of person to DRAG AN INNOCENT WOMAN AND CHILD INTO A LIFE HE KNOWS WILL BE “MISERABLE.”


- Prior to chapter 686, Ichigo did not have confirmed feelings for Rukia or Orihime. Rukia did not have confirmed feelings for Ichigo or Renji. Renji’s feelings for Rukia were ambiguous ever since his introduction. Orihime was the only corner of this supposed “love square” that had canon romantic feelings for anyone. No amount of twisting the text to suit your ship will negate any of that.

- The creator also said flat out what kind of bond Ichigo and Rukia had. He was ignored then and is still ignored now. Non-canon romantic subtext in the anime, color spreads, and whatever went down in the rock musical do not erase what he said about their canon relationship in the manga.

- Oh, and Renji is not abusive. You are taking a very complicated situation that happened years ago and cherry picking to fit your narrative. Cut it out.

- Ichigo likes being a shinigami, as it gives him the power to protect those around him. He has mourned the loss of his powers before. However, he never showed any desire to move to Soul Society or become a part of the Gotei 13. Even at the beginning of the Thousand Year Blood War arc, we saw him perfectly content working as a substitute shinigami in the living world, fighting alongside his friends. There was nothing preventing him from trying to jump over to Soul Society and join them, yet, he didn’t??? Crazy.

- There’s also literally nothing in chapter 686 that implies that he no longer has his shinigami powers. “WE DIDN’T SEE THEM THO” is not a valid argument. I guess because we don’t see something, it stops existing? Kubo has no reason to show us he still has his powers, since there’s no reason for us to believe he lost them.

- Yuzu does not have a brother complex. Her favoritism and hero worship of Ichigo have always been obvious, and they now extend to Kazui (aka tiny Ichigo), which is what Karin was commenting on. Anyone who has a relationship like that with their older brother would understand why it’s embarrassing to have it pointed out.

- And stop calling Kazui an “incest baby,” you little shits. I don’t know what’s with your obsession with incest, but it’s not cute or witty.

Meanwhile, actual serious issues with the ending:
- Urahara?
- Yoruichi??
- Nel???
- Grimmjow????
- Kira?????
- Seriously, Kubo, buddy, wtf

A bit of science for @acquiresimoleons, who said you can’t brush a horse without horse + sim being friends.  Idk.  I usually don’t own horses.  I just wanted to see for myself and see if there was a Retuner fix because I’m constantly curious.  For the record since I don’t play horses I don’t have any horse-related tuning mods in place.


That’s definitely not at “friends” or anything like “friends”.


So at that point I actually reset everything I’ve done in Retuner in this game (even though I was 99.9999999% sure I hadn’t touched anything in Retuner yet with regards to brushing a horse), removed Andrei’s Animal Lover trait just in case, set them to just under negative in their relationship and…

Idk.  Your game is fucked.  xD  Perhaps your horse has a trait that makes them offended to brushing by a stranger.  This randomly pulled horse had Agile, Brave, and Quiet.

So Jesse Tuck has been wandering for several years, waiting for Winnie to turn 17. In the winter of 1897 he settles in New York, planning to stay for a few years. It’s close enough to New Hampshire that he can get to Winnie when she finally is old enough. The people and city are changing constantly, so it takes the edge off his wanderlust.

He’s in the middle of a busy intersection one day when some horses pulling a cart get spooked and charge towards him. They run straight at him and he dives out of the way, but one of his legs gets run over. Obviously he is fine, but there are enough onlookers that he can’t just get up and walk away. One of those people, a boy around the age of 15, comes to help him, picking him up and moving him out of the street. A bundle of newspapers lies abandoned on the street corner where the boy was just a minute ago.

Gently, he sets Jesse down on the curb, careful not to bump his “hurt” leg. Jesse is holding his ankle at an awkward angle, trying to make his perfectly healthy ankle look like a normal person’s foot would after getting run over.. After checking his leg and determining that the ankle got the worst of it, the boy looks up and introduces himself.

“Jack Kelly, newsie for the World. What’s you doing wandering around here? Ya homeless?”

Jesse grimaces at the half true statement. “I’m new here and I was wandering around looking for work.”

At this, Jack brightens up. “Hey, we could use a couple more boys in Manhattan to help distribute papers, if ya want? Pay ain’t too great, but we gotta place to live and mostly enough food to go around.”

Jesse grins back and stands up to get going, barely remembering that he shouldn’t be able to walk. He fakes some pain and dramatically collapses on the ground. “Got anything I could use as a crutch? I ain’t gonna be able to walk too well without one.”

Jack shakes his head but offers his shoulder. “I ain’t got anything with me, but I’ll check with the guys back at the house. Oh, and what’s your name?”

Jesse thinks for a second. His name will most likely be his identity for the next few years, assuming he stays with the newsies that long. He doesn’t want to use his real name- that can be traced too easily and he’s still spooked after the Yellow Man. He glances around, looking for an idea, and the moment is growing awkwardly long. Finally he grins. “You guys can call me Crutchie.”

John Boyd Dunlop, who patented the first practical pneumatic tyre, was born in Ayrshire on February 5 1846. 

Dunlop worked as a veterinary surgeon in Edinburgh for almost a decade before moving to Ireland.

It was whilst in Ireland he first noticed that horses had to pull very heavy loads, straining against solid leather collars. So he attempted to make an air cushion collar to ease their burden. While he was working on this idea, his young son, Johnnie, complained to him about the bumpy cobblestones of the Belfast streets which made it very uncomfortable for him to ride his tricycle. All the tyres on all tricycles and bicycles were made of solid rubber at that time. John Boyd Dunlop decided to do something about it.

He consulted his doctor, Sir John Fagan, who told him how he had been able to make his very sick patients comfortable by having them lie on air cushions in hospital. Dunlop wondered whether his son Johnnie would be more comfortable on his tricycle if he could make air cushion tyres for it instead of the solid ones.
So Dunlop had come up with an idea to smooth out the youngster’s ride. He made a set of tires for the tricycle. He took two strips of rubber, and glued the edges together to make a tube. He wrapped the tube around the tricycle wheel, and wrapped the tube in linen tape to give the tire a tread. Then he did something which was unusual for the time. He filled the rubber tube with air using a pump made for filling footballs.

He wasn’t the first to do this. Another Scottish inventor named Robert Thompson had invented an inflatable tire back in 1845, but no one paid much attention to it. So it was left to Dunlop to reinvent the pneumatic tire forty-three years later.
It soon became very popular because it was discovered that as well as being more comfortable, a cyclist could travel faster and with less effort using pneumatic tyres. Dunlop patented his design in 1888.  In 1889 the Pneumatic Tyre Company was set up and after more development the tyre was made suitable for all sorts of vehicles, especially cars. Within ten years of patenting the device, it had almost entirely replaced solid tires and had been implemented for use in the new automobiles by Andre and Edouard Michelin.
John established what would become the Dunlop Rubber Company but had to fight and win a legal battle with Thomson. John Dunlop did not benefit much financially from his invention - he sold the patent and company name early on.  Despite Thomson’s earlier work, Dunlop is credited with the invention of the modern rubber tyre.

thedosian-cockatrice  asked:

What was Spiridon's favorite mount in Inquisition? Did any of Dennett's horses give him trouble?

Fine horses, the ones Dennet brought. Made for this Fereldan landscape. Docile, sturdy, nice gait. Our soldiers, our envoys will be happy to ride them.

It was suggested to me that I would ride one of the Amaranthine coursers or Dennet’s very own to meetings with Fereldan nobles as a show of respect and solidarity. But I already have horses, I thought. I crossed the Waking Sea with two of my very own, the descendants of the horses mother Aule brought with her when she traveled East to join the Dalish clan Lavellan. 

My horses’ names are Abyssal and Fog, and they are the envy of any horsemaster, as they should be, for my mother’s people guard their treasured  mounts dearly. Even when mixed with the blood of the lesser horses of the West, they represent me, the Inquisitor. Not Orlais, not Ferelden. No Antivan or even Ander human horse breeder can boast that the Inquisitor favours their mounts. I wonder if my mother’s people are proud.